Weekend Update: Renegades, Hot Pursuit, Variant Covers

I decided to take a little time this weekend (while I still had some!) to update a few items on Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning. I’ve finally posted an article on the Renegades (a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash Task Force), and put up a placeholder for Hot Pursuit even though the story arc dealing with him won’t launch until at least January. I also updated the cover variants list with Flash #6 and the preview art we’ve seen for Flash #7 & #8.

I wasn’t really sure where to file the Renegades. They play the role of villains, or at least antagonists, in “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues,” but from what we can see, they do appear to be the “good guys” of their era, acting on what they thought was solid information. I finally ended up putting them in the Heroes category, figuring that if they show up again, they’re more likely to play that role.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Renegades, Hot Pursuit, Variant Covers

  1. Ken O

    I think heroes is the right way to go. I’m sure the judge’s identity will be some big reveal during Flashpoint. Unless of course he takes a page from the old CBS show Dark Justice and decides that as a judge he can’t fix everything; so at night he dons a leather jacket, jumps on motorcycle, and fights crime!


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