Rogue Profiles: Keeping the Flash on Schedule

This is probably a crazy idea, but it’s something I thought about while writing up my thoughts on Flash #6:

DC should plan for the book to get delayed.

I really like Francis Manapul’s art, and Geoff Johns, when he’s at the top of his game, can be a great writer. I’d rather not lose this team on the book right now. But it’s been a while since The Flash managed to release twelve issues a year. To catch up, they’ve planned a couple of Rogue Profiles before the next story arc: done-in-one issues that tie into the ongoing mythology but focus on a different point of view, namely one of the Flash’s villains. These were great during Geoff Johns’ run on the Wally West Flash series, and I’m glad we’re seeing more.

Meanwhile, the pacing of the series seems a little bit more decompressed than it needs to be. As much as I enjoyed it, “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues” felt like it could have been told as effectively in four or five parts instead of six. Flash: Rebirth definitely could have – it seemed like half of the final issue was epilogue. But six issues is the standard length for a collection, so that seems to be the story length that they’re shooting for.

My suggestion: Make the story arcs five issues long instead of six, and schedule a Rogue Profile in between. Put another artist on the profile, one suited to the villain getting the spotlight. If Geoff Johns is busy, let another writer work from his outline, or hand it outright to someone who understands the current take on the Rogues.

That way, the star creative team is only committed to ten issues a year instead of twelve, and we get some great stand-alone stories that DC can either include with the main story collections or save up for a couple of years and put in a collection as “The Flash: Rogues Gallery.”

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Rogue Profiles: Keeping the Flash on Schedule

  1. Flash Fact

    Dude, you had me at more Rogue profiles. But yeah, this would be a good way to keep the fans happy, and the creators rested. However, Geoff probably wouldn’t let anyone else write the profiles, as just about every writer besides him at DC makes them all look like morons.

  2. Wayne Lippa

    I agree with your suggestion wholeheartedly, Kelson. I also agree with Flash Fact that Geoff should be the one to write the profiles. I’ve always gotten the impression that the delays weren’t because he was behind in his scripts (in spite of all his new responsibilities as COO), so if he could stay ahead with the writing then a couple of Rogues profiles each year by a different artist(s) would allow Manapaul some breathing room and not irk us fans so much.

  3. Aaron Poehler

    I think you’re suggesting something they’re already doing. Also, the reduced 20-pg count will ease the load on Manapul slightly, but the main issue is his other gig as a TV host interfering with his timeliness. At least he’s not just playing videogames like a lot of late artists!

    1. Kelson Post author

      Certainly that’s why they’re doing these profiles now. I’m suggesting they should plan for it in the future and work them into the schedule from the start, instead of adding them whenever things get pushed back.

  4. Craig

    Haven’t been able to read Flash #6 yet, but I agree that the books moves way too slowly in terms of pacing and the first three issues basically kept using the same plot over and over again: the Renegades attack, Barry sends them back to their own time, and has to perform a super-speed feat as a result. The storyline didn’t really kick into gear until issue #4. That’s just not good storytelling for a monthly comic book starting off fresh and trying to attract new readers to the franchise.

  5. Lia

    That’d be a great idea! Just so long as Johns reins in his tendancies to stick retcons into those profiles 😉

    Since retcons drive me craaaaazy, I half look-forward to and half-dread these profiles. He can be such a good writer, why does he have to change so much history?

    Anyway, I’d like to see Manapul on the book for a long time, and this would be a way to keep him here without DC or fans getting excessively exasperated with him.

  6. collectededitions

    Heck, I’d read an ongoing Rogues series by Johns, but these newly announced Rogue profiles give me some pause. It wasn’t *that* long ago that Johns revamped the origins of these Rogues in the Wally West Flash series; is there more to say, necessarily?

    My hope is that these issues specifically spotlight how the Rogues relate to Barry Allen, since I’d venture most current readers never read the originals, and Barry’s relationship with the Rogues has largely been retconned since the originals anyway.

    1. Lia

      Digger and Professor Zoom have never been covered in a profile. Weather Wizard is another obvious candidate, as is Dr Alchemy (especially since Johns has given him a whole new retconned history with Barry Allen) and Trickster II. Then there are the dead Rogues who could be covered, as well as the Rogues introduced during Wally’s run. There are plenty of potential profiles in the future, if Johns wanted to do more.

  7. Craig

    These particular Rogues have never been profiled and as the series goes on and (hopefully) new villains are introduced maybe we’ll see profiles on them instead of just rehashing the old ones.

  8. Andrew

    Isn’t that publishing schedule the same that Marvel used for Immortal Iron Fist? I thought it worked beautifully for that series.


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