New Flash Heroclix Releases Available Later This Month

Some big releases on the DC side of Heroclix for their 75th Anniversary Set coming later this month including several Flash-related releases that are sure to rock the socks off of Flash and Heroclix collectors alike. First up released a preview yesterday of the Monarch of Motion, Barry Allen in his first solo release in his traditional uniform. We had previously seen him in his dying form from the climax of Crisis on Infinite Earths, his Blue Lantern uniform and even in a few team ups with Wally, Green Lantern, and Superman. But this is the first time we are getting classic Barry and I’m pretty elated.

Take a look: (Click on the picture to be taken to the article at and the full size pictures)

Paraphrased from

Though habitually late in the comics, Barry Allen won’t be missing any of the action in your HeroClix games!  As you can see, his dial is loaded with great powers that keep Barry both maneuverable and effective in combat! HeroClix fans have long awaited a Flash that would fill the role of a quintessential Barry Allen and this figure definitely delivers!  At only 119 points, Barry Allen is sure to serve up some swift justice while leaving enough space for other great figures to join him (or at least try to keep up!) on his team!

We need to keep a better eye on because they snuck three other Flash-related characters behind us: The late Johnny Quick (of the heroic Golden Age super team, the All-Star Squadron):

And two more: Solovar (the deceased former King of Gorilla City and a generic Gorilla City Warrior:

Gotta say one thing about Johnny Quick though; for a character that is supposed to be about speed they sure captured him in probably the most boring pose possible. Actually now that I about it, they did the same exact pose for Max Mercury too. Lame. If it were me I would have had Max levitating indian-style like when he probes the Speed Force. The best I could come up for Johnny is inspired by the way they used to portray his speed back in More Fun Comics:

(credit to CBR for the scan.)

This scan is from a story on CBR from two years ago where they did a feature on Underappreciated Artists spotlighting Mort Meskin. In the article the writer talks about his first visual introduction to Johnny Quick in the 60 Years of the DC Universe coffee table book from the mid-90s. I received the same book for Christmas in 1996 and I remember reading it countless times. I also remember being fairly annoyed that the information on the Flash was pretty slim. However, this was also my first introduction to Johnny Quick and whenever I think of the character the above illustration pops into my head. Can any of you think of some better poses?

We also have confirmation (thanks to‘s forum user, Elliotblacknigh) of a new Kid Flash and White Lantern variants of Barry Allen and Kid Flash:

Again with the boring poses. And now with Kid Flash of all characters? Arguably the most exuberant and energetic of our Speedster family is reduced to this? Yes, there are only so many ways you can pose a speedster but still, no real excuse for it. Even though I’ve never actually played the game, I’ve become quite fond of these little guys. I have a pretty decent collection of them going now (as far as Flash-related ‘clix at least) and I’m loving all of the new Flash-centric releases, even if the poses are a bit meh.

And for those like me who feel the need to add a Mongul (beaten in an impressive display of power by Wally West in Flash v2 #102) or Deadshot (one of the first villains Wally faced off with solo after he became The Flash in Legends #1) to their Flash Heroclix collection and haven’t yet will have another chance when this set drops. Wizkids released versions of Mongul and Deadshot already but Mongul is going for upwards of 18 dollars on evilBay. The whuppin’ that Wally laid on Mongul earned him at least one place in my collection already in the DC Direct style and if this new version starts out low I will definitely be picking it up as well. Luckily Mongul is mainly a Superman/Green Lantern Corps villain so I only feel the need to add a couple different versions of him as opposed to say…Grodd, which I currently have nine versions of. I’m missing a couple figures like the Alex Ross Justice Version (which disappointingly was just the old DC Direct Grodd body with a new head sculpt), and the Eaglemoss Statue Release, but how many versions of the same gorilla do I need to have on display? A whole section of my collection looks like the Jungle Book. Seriously.

(Very Special Thanks to David S. for the tips, Rock On!)

Thanks for reading and please drop us a line and let us know what you all think of the new releases.

Keep it Flashy,

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


11 thoughts on “New Flash Heroclix Releases Available Later This Month

  1. Lia

    I want a Rainbow Raider, Golden Glider, and a Top in one of his regular costumes.

    They could probably redo Weather Wizard too, his Heroclix wasn’t that great. And Dr Alchemy’s has boobs.

  2. Vinny

    The lack of Rogues in DC75 made me a sad panda. But BART! is always welcome, even if he’s in THE MOST BORING POSE EVER.


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