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Quick note – you may have noticed that the last few days have been guest posts and reposts. That’s because late Sunday night, my first son was born! I haven’t exactly had much time on the computer (other than transferring photos!), but I did schedule out 2 weeks of posts before we went into the hospital, so Speed Force will still be active while my wife and I are getting to know the baby. We’re all new at this!

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in a guest post so far, and to anyone still thinking of writing one, please submit it! I can definitely find room for it over the next few weeks!


21 thoughts on “State of the Blog

  1. KC Flash

    Congratulations to all three of you! Sleep is SO overrated anyways…Enjoy this time with the young man of the family 🙂

  2. firestormfan89

    Congratulations, Kelson! I bet your boy skips the crawling and toddling, he’ll probably just start running one day.


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