This Week: Teen Titans: Cold Case

Written by MARK SABLE
Cover by JAY FABOK

Don’t miss this untold tale from writer Mark Sable (Grounded, TWO-FACE: YEAR ONE) and red-hot artist Sean Murphy (JOE THE BARBARIAN) bringing the Teen Titans and The Flash’s Rogues Gallery into direct conflict! Two people already died over a mysterious object, and now both teams want it. How much more blood will be spilled to obtain it as this gets deadly personal for all involved?

Update: preview at CBR.

Other speedster appearances this week:

  • DC Comics Presents Young Justice (Impulse)
  • Justice League of America (Jesse Quick)
  • Possibly in Superman/Batman (returning to the era of DC One Million)


2 thoughts on “This Week: Teen Titans: Cold Case

  1. Airship

    I really only read Geoff Johns Teen Titans run and I’ve been working my way up with that. How was this trade? It seems that most comic fans enjoyed the series when it first started, but it just got bad after Johns left. But a story with the TT against the Rogues? How could that be bad?

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