Weekend Updates: Storylines, Covers, Rogue Profiles

A few updates at Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning:

I’ve finally added an index of storylines from Rebirth onward, including the upcoming “Hot Pursuit” and Flashpoint stories. I also ended up combining the 1987-2006 and 2006-2008 indexes together in a 1987-2008 index that covers all of Wally West’s series, plus the brief Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.

Also added: the 75th Anniversary cover for Action Comics #892, referring back to the first Flash/Superman race in Superman #199. Check out the list of cover homages.

And I’ve updated the index of Rogue Profiles to include the last two issues featuring Captain Boomerang and the Reverse-Flash.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Updates: Storylines, Covers, Rogue Profiles

  1. kyer

    You closed the comments on the preceding topic (late Flash books) and I had such the zinger about bringing back Wally until Barry could catch up….

    Darn you for being such a proactive Batman type. ;P

    Silver Age and Impulse Book covers…too much fun going on there. Didn’t they know comics are supposed to be all grim n’gritty?

  2. Rob S.

    Regarding the post-Rebirth storylines. Should Wally’s appearances count? He guest-starred in Magog for an issue or two. (I think it was him, anyway; I didn’t get a chance to read it.)

    Another possibility is the Barry/Blackhawks time-travel story in Brave & the Bold #28. I’m not sure whether the present-day portion of the story happened before or after Rebirth, but IIRC, it was published concurrently with the series. Should it be included?

    1. Kelson Post author

      It’s more of a series index than a character index, so neither the Magog guest spot nor the Brave & the Bold story really fit.

      Eventually I’ll catch up on the character appearance lists, which is where those would go.


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