Fake Flashpoint Teasers

Inspired by last week’s one-line Flashpoint teasers, @Speedstersite started posting jokes marked #FakeFLASHPOINTTeaser on Twitter. Others joined in.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • SpeedsterSite: Turns out, hard water is just ice, nothing more.
  • SpeedsterSite: He absolutely refused to see Zorro that night
  • collecteditions: No one escaped the Manhunters.
  • collecteditions: He never much liked fish; she never much liked Curry.
  • collecteditions: The Graysons never worked without a net.
  • ryanoneil: Jor-El wasn’t actually a rocket scientist.
  • DougG_ATL: Hippolyta is a terrible sculptor
  • DougG_ATL: Superboy Prime, try this Xanax.
  • TheLastIslander: Bart Allen is secretly the time trapper. (More of a fake spoiler than a fake teaser, but at this point, who hasn’t been the Time Trapper?)
  • BlueTyson This story is actually good! (Ouch!)
  • JCorduroy Greedo shot first. (So that explains it!)

My own humble contributions:

  • He never lost his eye.
  • He would’ve gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those darn kids.
  • They caught the radioactive spider before it could bite anyone.
  • Nephew? What nephew?

You can find the rest on Twitter at the #FakeFLASHPOINTTeaser tag.

But Twitter isn’t the only place people were doing this. Over at the CBR forums, posters were making their own banners in the same spirit.


4 thoughts on “Fake Flashpoint Teasers

  1. Kyer

    At DC no one can here fans scream.

    Every Crisis is an illusion of The Matrix.

    Eobard Thawne is Barry Allen’s real dad.

  2. kyer

    That would actually make a pretty good Star Wars parody:

    “You will join the Negative Side of the Force.”
    “Barry, I AM your father!”


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