Flashpoint Action Figures

And the Flashpoint news keeps coming! In addition to the character teaser and the cover, DC announced a line of Flashpoint action figures.

Today, we’re unveiling FLASHPOINT action figures based on DC Comics’ superhero publishing event of the summer. DC Direct’s Jim Fletcher, Shawn Knapp, Evan Metcalf, John Santagada, Brian Walters and Bryon Webster have worked closely with FLASHPOINT writer Geoff Johns’ concepts and artist Andy Kubert’s designs to bring you four awesome figures based on characters central to the FLASHPOINT story.

Sculptors Derek Miller (Wonder Woman), Karen Palinko (Batman and Flash) and Jonathan Matthews (Cyborg) have captured the energy and excitement that drives FLASHPOINT.

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6 thoughts on “Flashpoint Action Figures

  1. Ben Hall

    Zoom apparently hates Wonder Woman due to what happens to her costume. He also apparently loves Cyborg due to the teaser where he becomes the great “savior” a la superman style. Flash apparently loses what little cast he has.

  2. Mr Maczaps

    i kind of wish they would make the figures the same size as the old 80s Superpowers line… that size is perfect! then they can scale the huge characters from there… but otherwise these are cool just too pricey.

  3. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

    Always love it when they announce new Flash figures but Barry just looks so generic and vanilla next to the others. Oh well.


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