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Movement on the Flashpoint Movie – Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers in Negotiations to Direct

Variety reports that John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are in negotiations to direct Flashpoint. The stand-alone movie has been without a director since November 2016, when Rick Famuyiwa left the project. (via Comics Beat)

As far as super-heroes go, the pair wrote the story for Spider-Man: Homecoming. But that doesn’t tell us much about their directing style. They have directed a few films together, notably the 2015 comedy Vacation and the upcoming murder mystery Game Night – so it’s anybody’s guess what sort of tone the studio is aiming for at this point. (Presumably if they’re actually adapting the Flashpoint comic book, even loosely, they aren’t going for broad comedy.)

Flashpoint stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, and while it’s billed as a Flash solo film, it will also feature the DCEU’s Wonder Woman and Cyborg.

Flashpoint Movie Update: New Script, Now With Added Wonder Woman

CBR reports that Joby Harold’s Flashpoint movie script is done. They’re still looking for a new director, after Rick Famuyiwa’s exit last November.

One interesting thing I don’t recall noticing before: According to CBR, both Cyborg and Wonder Woman will appear in the film. Cyborg had been previously attached, but Wonder Woman’s a more recent addition, reported last month in Forbes, which also indicates that Flashpoint is scheduled for 2020.

The original Flashpoint comic book featured the entire Earth-based DCU, with a Themiscyra/Atlantis war threatening to engulf the world. No word yet on Aquaman, but it seems likely at this point that he’ll be involved. And the core story was a team-up between Flash/Barry Allen and Batman/Thomas Wayne…

Warner Brothers Announces Live Action Flashpoint Film

Newsarama reports that there was an announcement of a live action Flashpoint film at the WB SDCC panel today. There are no details as of yet, but it’s a very interesting concept; readers may recall there was an animated film of the story called Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox a few years ago, and of course The Flash TV series recently did a version of it too, so it’s a bit of a surprise to learn it will be told in the DC cinematic universe as well. Thus, it’ll be interesting to see what will be done with it and why the WB movieverse wants to tell that story already. Newsarama speculates it has something to do with the rumours of Ben Affleck leaving the cinematic universe, but that’s all unverified as of now.

Are you excited for the Flashpoint film? What do you hope to see in it? Share your thoughts!

Batman #22 Cover Revealed

As we already know, there’s a FlashBatman crossover coming in April/May, and Professor Zoom will be involved. Now DC’s released the cover from the penultimate issue of the story, Batman #22, which features an interesting lenticular image with Professor Zoom, Flashpoint Batman, and hints at the Watchmen.


I’m a little bit puzzled why Matha Wayne seems to be dead here, as Flashpoint Martha became that world’s Joker, but perhaps history’s been changed by the intervention of Doctor Manhattan. Thawne obviously hints at his involvement with the well-known bloodstain on his yellow costume.

Anyway, looks interesting, and the audience will clearly have to figure out what’s going on alongside the Flash and Batman. It’ll be great to see Professor Zoom up to his old shenanigans.

Flash Season 3 Begins with…. FLASHPOINT

As anticipated, Flash Season 3 will start with a form of “Flashpoint.” The 2011 event miniseries featured Barry Allen accidentally changing history. The ripple effects of the Flash saving his mother led to a world where Barry never became the Flash, Bruce Wayne never became Batman, Superman was a lifelong prisoner in a science lab, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman led their nations in a global war that threatened to destroy everything.

Grant Gustin confirmed that the season three premiere is titled Flashpoint, but adds that the TV show’s adaptation “will be its own thing.”

Obviously they can’t do the exact same story in a universe that already doesn’t have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman, but they can certainly take the basics:

Flash changes his parents’ history, accidentally screws everything up, and has to fix it.

(When I put it that way, it sounds a lot more like Back to the Future, doesn’t it?)

I think Earth-1 Real-Harrison Wells is a safe bet for the altered timeline, as is seeing Eddie Thawne again. An Arrowverse Citizen Cold could be a lot of fun, as long as they don’t go the full cannon-fodder route that the comic did.

In the comics, DC used the event as an excuse to relaunch their entire line with a new history at the end. Barry fixed time, but it didn’t settle in quite the same way as before. I can’t imagine the CW will completely reboot four TV shows at once — they’ve all got way too much momentum to do that. But they certainly have the opportunity to make adjustments like they did with the Pied Piper this year. Earth-1 Wells might be able to stick around afterward, for instance, or Jesse might have an Earth-1 counterpart. Or they could do something bigger, like merging Supergirl’s universe with the Arrowverse. Or at least explain why National City suddenly looks more like Vancouver than Los Angeles.

(Hat tip: Flash TV News)