Speed Reading

Some more linkblogging for the weekend!

Art. These were all found by Devin at The Fastest Fan Alive.

More Flashy links

General comics links.


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. kyer

    God, yes…one of the top five BEST EPISODES EVER was the Brain Robbery one. If I need to laugh, I watch either one of the restroom scenes.
    Poor Tala…I wonder if she ever found out she’d had sex with a caring and enthusiastic Flash? Back when I first watched that ep, I so wanted that to be shown. To this day wonder what she would have done with the news. Linda might have had some magical competition!

    1. Kyer

      Before you wiseguys comment on my above comment, let me stress that I wanted her reaction to be shown…not the sex! Family ratings, you know?


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