Read THE FLASH #1 Online for Free!

ComiXology now has the first two issues of The Flash vol.3 available as digital comics for their online reader or iOs/Android apps. (Sadly, the joke about having Flash on the iPad has been completely played out by now.) Better yet: The first issue is available for free!

The online version works fairly well, except for trying a bit too hard to imitate the printed comic look. (Please, we don’t need those gradients imitating the curved paper near the spine — especially on double-page spreads!) The phone app has a few problems adapting the art to the smaller screen size. I will say that this issue (at least the part I skimmed — it’s a busy day!) works better when viewed landscape than portrait.

Keep in mind: if you’re browsing the ComiXology store for these, they’re currently sorted under “T” for The Flash.

» The Flash: Rebirth
» The Flash vol.3

(via Francis Manapul’s Twitter.)


3 thoughts on “Read THE FLASH #1 Online for Free!

  1. Esteban Pedreros

    I told you! ๐Ÿ™‚
    “we donโ€™t need those gradients imitating the curved paper near the spine โ€” especially on double-page spreads!”

    That’s exactly what I thought. At first I thought that they had scanned the original printed copy (in this case, of the book that I read) and then it occurred to me that they were just imitating the look of a printed copy. The stupid part is that I could live without my books having that appearance any day of the week, I hate that double-page spreads don’t look completely right because they almost never cut the paper exactly right (not to mention when they are inside a large hardcover and you can’t really open the book wide enough to see the whole image).

    And they ought to make the images have multiple sizes so one can Zoom In. What if you go a Full HD monitor running at 1900+ px wide?… the comic book will look really tiny.

  2. kyer

    They purposefully distorted the picture? I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come when they release the movies. Are there going to be ‘spine lines’ there too? -_-;;

    On a better note, I just saw some interesting concept art for a defunct Flash video game done by a roger-robinson over at Deviant Art. The Flash is kind of a mixture between Wally’s new suit design and Barry’s. I don’t like the Kid Flash ‘punk’ look though.

  3. West

    I didn’t know this was one of DC’s way too rare free, full-sized iComics. Thanks for the heads-up. I also realized that I never fully read it before just now. Downloaded it while I was (and am) on the way home from out-of-town and read it. That’s the world of comics in 2011, baby!

    Which kinda touches on the comments about the book-look in certain programs, like ComiXology’s website reading experience. Some people are against reading digital comics because they want the experiences of physical material like the smell of printed material, dog-eared pages, …and maybe curved pages?

    That’s not bag, but I’ve come to realize how foreign it’s not…when I read iBooks and eBooks. I don’t want a vertical column of text that gets replaced by another vertical column. I enjoyed iBooks the most because I got what fet was the best of both worlds. I got the convenience of of digital media without being reminded of that fact to the point of distraction.


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