On the Value of Relaunches

More importantly, the more DC has to promote the next Flash #1, the less it has [available] to devote to (let’s just say) hyping a new Icon series. If DC would put some of its series on hiatus, as opposed to cancelling one volume so a new one can begin a few months later, it would acknowledge the reality of cancellation-proof series and let more attention linger on the stragglers. Who knows — given time, maybe some of them could become cancellation-proof too.

— Robot 6’s Tom Bondurant in his Grumpy Old Fan column.

As he points out, The Flash is one of DC’s “foundational” series, which have been in almost continuous publication since the Silver Age. We all know it’s coming back.


10 thoughts on “On the Value of Relaunches

  1. Flash Fact

    Kind of off-topic but I’d also like to say that the title has consistently been one of DC’s best-written and drawn titles over the years.

    I have a feeling we’ll get a new writer after the relaunch though, which is okay as I would like to see someone besides Geoff have a crack at the Flash franchise. Nothing against Geoff though.

  2. Mark Engblom

    I’m not sure anyone else beyond Geoff Johns has the passion for the Barry Allen Flash character. Perhaps Flashpoint will change that, but as of right now, I don’t know of any comic pros clamoring to write Flash…or, at the very least, any kind of a co-writers/plotters that Johns used on titles like Booster Gold and Adventure Comics he could hand the baton to.

    Maybe they can get someone like Jonathan Hickman to jump ship from Marvel. Hickman’s been doing some crazy-cool things in Fantastic Four, and I’m curious to see how he could freshen up the Flash beyond the standard Geoff Johns bag of tricks (which is getting kinda empty, truth be told).

  3. Flash Fact

    Grant Morrison has said himself that the Barry Allen Flash is his favorite superhero before, so there’s one possibility. Maybe Scott Kollins as another. He is writing a bunch of Flashpoint stuff… (Anyone know id Scott’s as good a writer as he is an artist?) Either would be good, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Gail Simone’s take on Flash.

    Matt Fraction would be a terrific Flash writer in my opinion, Hickmana s you said is another good choice. Dan Slott would be another strong candidate. Seriously, any of these guys who work at Marvel currently would be kinda nice. Brubaker would handle the cop aspect of Barry very well I think.

    I don’t know, just my two-cents.

    1. KC Flash

      Wow, I had never thought of Brubaker on Flash before…I doubt it would happen but I have truly enjoyed his run on Captain America the past several years.

      Morrison would be fantastic and would take Flash in directions that would could be very enjoyable ro read. Again, I doubt it would happen but that’s the fun of speculating 🙂

  4. Realitätsprüfung

    Most writers that work their way up to the big 2 have ambition, which is just about the same thing as “passion”, at least when talking about corporately-owned franchises.

    Somebody will someday have to take over the Flash/Barry Allen series from Geoff Johns, just as he took over the Wally series from Mark Waid 10+ years ago.

    Lots of writers would like a gig that high-profile; it’s an opportunity to establish themselves. (Though personally, I’d love to see JMS or Grant Morrison on the Barry Allen Flash series at some point.)

  5. Kelson Post author

    Grant Morrison’s a good choice. I still prefer his Barry Allen from Final Crisis to Geoff Johns’ Barry Allen from Flash: Rebirth.

    Of course, DC can’t find anyone who really wants to write Barry Allen, there *are* other Flashes available. I’m just sayin’…

    1. Kyer

      Lol…thanks for typing what I was thinking. Just as long as whomever the character is they are not showcased as the Ultimate Speedster to End All Ultimate Speedsters. It’s the one part of the current Flash I truly hate. If the writer gives all the characters respect…I’m happy.

      1. Kelson Post author

        Funny you should mention that. I’ve got an opinion piece on the subject that I plan on running next week if I find time to finish it.

  6. Imitorar

    Gail Simone seems to like doing the offbeat characters of the DCU, so I think Barry Allen is too straitlaced for her. Morrison could be interesting, though I’d be apprehensive, as I always am when it comes to Morrison. Emergency Stop and The Human Race were quite good, though, so that’s comforting. But I doubt Johns is going anywhere for the foreseeable future, he said he likes to play the long game with books, and he set up a lot more for the Flash than he’s done so far, even with Flashpoint. There’s no reason to think he’s leaving whatever form the book takes after Flashpoint.

  7. Eyz

    It’s just getting on-hold for Flashpoint, I wouldn’t worry over it.
    (big Flash fan here! hey, there’s a reason why I decided to follow this website more closely)


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