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Quote: How Not to Respond to Requests For Underused Characters

If I go into a McDonalds and say “Hey, I love your McRibwiches. I don’t always see them all the time, though. When are you guys bringing back the McRibwich?”

the manager doesn’t flip me off and say “The McRibwich sucks, buy a Big Mac.”

— Comic Bloc message board poster Stephen Henel writes on DC’s approach to “Where’s Wally?” inquiries in a discussion of Flash #10.

On the Value of Relaunches

More importantly, the more DC has to promote the next Flash #1, the less it has [available] to devote to (let’s just say) hyping a new Icon series. If DC would put some of its series on hiatus, as opposed to cancelling one volume so a new one can begin a few months later, it would acknowledge the reality of cancellation-proof series and let more attention linger on the stragglers. Who knows — given time, maybe some of them could become cancellation-proof too.

— Robot 6’s Tom Bondurant in his Grumpy Old Fan column.

As he points out, The Flash is one of DC’s “foundational” series, which have been in almost continuous publication since the Silver Age. We all know it’s coming back.