Speed Reading

Some linkblogging for the weekend:

Flashy links:

  • Know Your Flashes – Evil Inc. by Brad Guigar – A Daily Webcomic
  • The Fastest Forum Alive – new Flash discussion board launched this week.
  • Ask…The Rogues! at iFanboy
  • Reverse Flash by Joel Gomez at FFA
  • That F’ing Monkey looks back at the Filmation Flash cartoons rom the 1960s and The Chemo-Creature. (I reviewed the DVD set a while back.)
  • Flash fans who like Wally West may (or may not) appreciate the snarky commentary of @BitterWallyWest on twitter. Flash fans who don’t like Wally West…probably won’t.
  • The Rogues Kick Ass has been posting a series of covers from Brazillian reprint Flash comics from the Silver Age. Some of them featured all-new covers, while others redrew the American covers.

Flashpoint and other comics:

C2E2. Not much Flash or Flashpoint news out of C2E2. DC was being very cagey about both. That said, we now know that Hunter Zolomon is in Flashpoint, and while DC would rather tweak Wally West’s fans than answer any questions about him, we do know that he gets chased by someone with a white lantern ring in a tie-in.


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. kyer

    Dang…WHICH tie-in has Wally running from a white lantern? This had better not be Eobard. I am sick to death of Eobard. On the other hand if it is Barry all sorts of funny scenes come to mind. “I’m sorry! I thought it was regular Tide and not the one with extra-strength bleach!”

    Flash cards was cute. Not hilarious, but cute.

    I’ve loved @BitterWallyWest. Great snark. Thumbs up.

    You’re kidding. It was the Superman/Flash race trash talking that stuffed up The Source? Maybe they should just divide the comments section into two and use a simple question at the beginning to split them: Are you so mad you can’t type straight? Bingo, your post gets slotted correctly.

  2. BitterWallyWest

    Thanks for the plug Kelson! With your assistance I plan to make my voice heard all over the interwebs. Jai tells me that is important these days. I’m more into smoking newbs on COD than goofing off on the internet, but I’m a quick learner.


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