Captain Boomerang on Brightest Day #23 Variant Cover

Ivan Reis’ variant cover for Brightest Day #23 focuses on everyone’s* favorite resurrected boomerang-throwing Rogue. DC has a 4-page preview of the issue, which hits stores today.

One one issue left after this one. The end is near!

*Some might prefer other boomerang-throwing Rogues who have not been resurrected at this time.


8 thoughts on “Captain Boomerang on Brightest Day #23 Variant Cover

  1. Kyer

    And some other of us would have liked to have seen a certain speedster who was (again) absent from any world-wide save-the-people scenes. I guess when Wally says he’s ‘retired’ he means it. People in need…don’t call him. At least, that’s the way Didio/Johns seem to see it.


    Again I ask (ask I did when the anti-Atlantean’s attacked….where is Wally? I see Jay, Barry, Bart…

    1. Eyz

      That’s why I keep saying, the “Flash Family” should totally have a second book! If the GL can have 3-4 titles (GL, GLCorps, Guy’s spinoff book, Red Lanterns) and Bats and Supes like a dozen or so, the Flash could totally use two on-going books!

      And I wouldn’t say Geoff is that much against Wally, the best part of Wally West’s run still comes from his writing!
      (Didio however…)

      1. Kyer

        You know, everyone says that about Geoff Johns, but when they do I remember this: Geoff’s run with Wally was more a run with the Rogues than with Wally. He’s actually not my favorite or even second favorite Flash writer.

        Then I ask this: was he only doing Wally because at the time Barry was dead and couldn’t be used? Now that Barry’s alive…he doesn’t seem to care much for Wally. So maybe it’s not t hat Geoff is AGAINST Wally as he just doesn’t give much of a damn beyond when he needs another speedster for a plot point and Bart and Jay aren’t available. Geoff Johns is pro Rogues and Captain Cold in particular (though he seems to be also developing a fondness for Digger.)

        I don’t care how much they say it: until I SEE IT IN A BOOK, they don’t CARE about Wally. I’d be ecstatic if they proved me wrong today, but all they do is ask us to shut up about Wally. pfft Fat chance.

        1. Eyz

          You got something there!
          I mean, in all his Wally run, there did were a lot of times when Barry crossed over, either due to some time travel, memories from the past, etc..

          My dream, for a second Flash-centric book would be something like “The Flash: The Scarlet Speederster” on-going series with Mark Waid on it!^^

          And as for the rogues, well, heroes are as good as they’re villains I’ll always say. So lots of developments, story points, focusing on the Rogues is something I always liked in his run on Wally.
          I’m not a big fan of the stories written by John Rogers or Keith Champagne – less Rogues oriented and more family drama.

        2. Imitorar

          That’s a huge exaggeration, Johns focused on Wally plenty in his run. And Mark Waid has said that Johns is the only person who loves the Flash Family as much as he does. That’s pretty strong approval.

          I’m pretty sure the lack of information about Wally is because he’s too crucial to Flashpoint to say anything about him without giving it all away. It’d be ridiculous for him not to be. I’m betting on Wally featuring prominently in the main series, which is why he doesn’t have a mini-series. If he was going to be retired, then it would’ve been made clear in Rebirth, instead of portraying him as an equal colleague of Barry.

  2. mr.mister

    I’m curious to see what role Cpt. Boomerang will play during Flashpoint.

    After all, if it weren’t for him freeing Thawne from Iron Heights (or wherever the hell Thawne was back in Flash #7) then Flashpoint wouldn’t have been possible.

  3. Aliera

    It is always nice to see Captain Boomerang featuring a comic book.
    I’m one of those thrilled that he was ressurected 🙂
    DC universe is all the better for it, so Thank you Johns.

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