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Trinity War Ends (?) With Justice League #23 (Review)

IMG_0925Trinity War comes to a high point in this issue of Justice League…but to say that the war “ends” is a bit inaccurate as this leads directly into the upcoming Forever Evil storyline (and all those Villains Month issues coming up).  By now, there have been enough interviews with huge spoilers that most fans know how this ends, and who shows up at the end…but in this case it’s “all about the journey”, so let’s pick back up in the midst of that huge battle over Pandora’s Box.


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Flash #1 Variant Covers

Straight from The Source, it’s Ivan Reis’ variant cover for The Flash #1, due in stores and online at the end of September.

It reminds me of the Flash Secret Files 2010 cover, only with the new transformation sequence added to the new costume design.

DC has also revealed the third variant cover, a sketch version of Francis Manapul’s main cover for the book. Continue reading

Captain Boomerang on Brightest Day #23 Variant Cover

Ivan Reis’ variant cover for Brightest Day #23 focuses on everyone’s* favorite resurrected boomerang-throwing Rogue. DC has a 4-page preview of the issue, which hits stores today.

One one issue left after this one. The end is near!

*Some might prefer other boomerang-throwing Rogues who have not been resurrected at this time.