Captain Cold to appear on Smallville

Last night’s Smallville episode included a preview for next’s week’s, viewable on YouTube.

Geekasms has a screencap of and short article about the apparent Legion of Doom slated to appear, which includes Captain Cold and other villains amongst its members.  Hopefully they’ll show up for more than just a cameo!


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6 thoughts on “Captain Cold to appear on Smallville

  1. Kelson

    Eyz, the picture at Geekasms looks like it’s a traditional, comic-book-style Captain Cold.

    I’m of mixed feelings on this. On one hand, it’s cool to see a Flash villain on TV. On the other hand, some of these costumes just don’t look that great live-action, (Black Manta’s helmet, anyone?) and don’t really fit with the more realistic look established for Smallville (though I suppose they may have been changing it this season – I haven’t really been watching).

    And seriously…the Legion of Doom? I grew up watching Super Friends, but I don’t miss it at all. And it just seems silly when elements of it keep showing up in more modern versions of the mythos.

    1. Lia

      It is pretty weird to see that parka in live action. I’m kind of surprised they went with an exact translation of his comic look.

      I don’t watch Smallville myself, although did catch the Booster Gold episode because it looked fun. Booster and (modern) Blue Beetle didn’t look identical to their comic counterparts, but pretty darned close. And the JSA was pretty close too, so I guess as the series ends they’re going for some fairly accurate costumes.

    2. Eyz

      “don’t really fit with the more realistic look established for Smallville ”
      I think it stopped trying to be realistic when they threw in Lex clones, smoke monster-Darkseid, alternate dimensions, future timelines and whatnots~
      And, HEY! I like Black Manta design. He always gave me this very creepy sinister vibe, much more credible than “The Blur” at least! 😛

      Anyhow, did Captain Cold actually appear at some point? I watched the 2hours finale, but no sight of him anywhere…
      Was it in the previous episode?

      1. Lia

        He did appear, but in the previous episode. And it turned out to be just a cameo, alas. Curse Smallville for getting my hopes up and making me watch the episode…


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