Flashpoint World Map & Grodd the Conqueror

Among today’s Flashpoint Friday articles at The Source are this map of the world of Flashpoint showing trouble spots, and an interview with Sean Ryan about his one-shot: Grodd of War.

It seems that in a world without a Flash, Grodd took control of Gorilla City and began expanding his empire, conquering the whole of Africa by the time Flashpoint begins. But everything’s come too easily, and he just isn’t satisfied without a challenge.

Other articles posted today include interviews about The World of Flashpoint and Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos. CBR has a good round-up of the day, including both DC’s releases and fan reactions.


3 thoughts on “Flashpoint World Map & Grodd the Conqueror

  1. Married Guy

    Loved this map so much I’ve printed it out.

    I have to admit, as much as I was against the idea of a Flash-centric event so soon, Flashpoint has me interested enough to buy the one-shot issues with Grodd and Reverse Flash.

    I also like the fact that my country is nuetral territory. I think it’s because both Amazons and Atlanteans know that you don’t **** with the ANZACs!!


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