Sterling Gates talks Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost

Newsarama interviews Sterling Gates on his Flashpoint tie-in miniseries, Kid Flash Lost. As he describes it:

In Kid Flash Lost, Bart also remembers the regular universe. The only difference is that Barry is in the present day of Flashpoint, while Bart is in the future…. So he wakes up in a very, very different future from the one in which he grew up, the one he knew when he was a very small kid…. Bart realizes he needs to get back in time, or else the timestream will sort of correct itself, meaning he will pull a Marty McFly and fade out.

(Key points clipped together from several different paragraphs.)

We’re going to see a lot of things that aren’t covered in the main Flashpoint book, as Bart explores the future and finds out what happened to the Flash family.

What happened to Jay Garrick? What happened to Wally West? And where’s Max Mercury? Bart’s going to dig in and dig through some historical stuff over the course of the three issues, and we’re going to see where a lot of our speedsters are. It’s a Flash story as well as a Kid Flash story.

There’s a lot more in there about the tone, how Hot Pursuit fits in, and Bart Allen’s idea of “Kid Flash Facts.” Read the whole interview!


5 thoughts on “Sterling Gates talks Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost

  1. Hyperion

    Said it before, will say it again: if Inertia shows up, then it’s all the more reason for me to be very scared (because of the blatant character derailment).

    1. mbish

      I should tell you… Thad is going to turn up in a later arc of Teen Titans (I am very, very scared. I don’t trust Krul with him. Actually… I don’t trust DC with him.)

      I got this info from Nicola Scott so yeah… I didn’t get any details about the arc though.

      1. Hyperion

        Hi compuhorse!

        Yeah, you know how much of a Thad fan I am…if it turns out how I fear it will (ie. character derailment everywhere, not even trying to portray him sympathetically…), I may well stop reading completely and draw the line at Impulse #89, especially since I’ve been…well, tolerant of the current series thus far (Flash and TT both).

        (now why hasn’t randomality finished those “Reset!” fanfics…I like the boys’ characterisation there)

        1. mbish

          Hi there!

          Yeah… after the years of character derailment with Thad and Bart (although it’s getting better with Bart and having read the Gates interview I am far more confident about this mini).

          I have no confidence in Krul though and I doubt he will read the Impulse era so I’m pretty sure TT will be featuring Tad and not Thad. It’s extremely disappointing, Thad was such a lovely sympathetic character and I really wish they hadn’t changed him so completely (in a way that made no sense as you know.).

          (ah Reset! You are a wonderful fanfiction. Yes I second that notion, I hope it’s updated soon)


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