Speed Reading: DC Reboot Edition

The linkblogging catch-up continues! DC insists that September’s line-wide relaunch is not a reboot, but the name seems to have caught on. Some commentary and news around the web…

Before the announcement (reacting to rumors)

After the announcement

And lots more, of course!


One thought on “Speed Reading: DC Reboot Edition

  1. Kyer

    Em….so if this massive REBOOT of the DCU is supposed to mirror the 50’s Silver Age where Flash went from being Jay to being Barry and Alan’s Green Lantern was suddenly Hal….then why isn’t this massive REBOOT taking us to all new characters wearing updated costumes for the modern age? Why is it basically rebooting BACK to the 50’s and not all being modernized?

    Oops. I forgot. I’m just the (maybe) paying customer (at least until they go all digital which I can’t afford because cox cable is the only thing around and it’s kind of EXPENSIVE and all just to get online…well, I should keep my mouth shut and just let Didio play in his sandbox pretending that it isn’t an actual BUSINESS at all.

    Wow. I haven’t felt such bitterness since the relatives tried to have grandma’s will changed to suit their pocket books and fought over the coffin in what was supposed to be a somber event. Still, am really wishing I’d not purchased that Superman: Year One book if it did in fact help bring this mess about. Here I thought I’d just been enjoying an Elseworlds tale. *sigh* (Kind of like when they take your tax dollars to fund something you outright are against.)


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