The Flash vs. Mob Rule

The Source asks Francis Manapul a few questions about his upcoming Flash series, and he lets a few more details spill…including a bit about the villain in the first story: a group called Mob Rule.

My favorite bit: when he says the biggest surprise working on the book was “The potential with experimentation of visual storytelling.”


3 thoughts on “The Flash vs. Mob Rule

  1. Kyer

    So, basically, the new villain is really a mob, and Iris West may potentially may be one of those ‘changed relationships’ meaning that no or little Iris basically spells no real chance of seeing Wally either even if only on the sidelines.

    Once again, the tiny sapling of hope I try to nurture gets stepped on by DC. Only now their boots have extra lines in them. (Note that was NOT a dig at Barry Allen in particular, but in DCnU in general.)


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