Speed Force

Flash/Flashpoint Bits from Comic-Con

I missed the Flashpoint panel at Comic-Con, but Flash-related news can be pieced together from CBR’s report, Newsarama’s liveblog (which, due to technical difficulties, was only visible after the panel ended), and @SpeedsterSite was there live-tweeting the panel.

Kid Flash Lost

Newsarama quotes Sterling Gates: “Issue #3 is sort of a love letter to the Flash family. It’s very much about Bart and his relationship with the Flash family.” CBR continues, “Bart Allen is my favorite character so it was a pleasure to write this story.”

Scott Kolins is coming in to do a few pages of Kid Flash.

Gates via CBR: “The end of issue #3 dovetails into ‘Flashpoint’ #5 in a way that I don’t think a lot of people are expecting, and we do something with the Speed Force that’s never been done before”

On the Unexpected: CBR: “Gates said he was excited for the unexpected matchups possible in Flashpoint.‘”Where else do you get to see Kid Flash fight Brainiac?'” Newsarama: “Nome says that Gates threw a lot of ‘crazy stuff’ at him in the scripting of the Kid Flash miniseries.”

Other Flashes

So there was a reason to include John Fox in that Flash Secret Files book last year.

Newsarama says a question about Wally West “got a lot of applause,” and noted that he would appear in Kid Flash #3. According to CBR, Gates stated that “Wally will show up in ‘Kid Flash’ #3, and not in the way you expect.”

Citizen Cold

A fan asked: why Captain Cold? Newsarama: “Berganza noted Geoff Johns’ fondness for Captain Cold as motivation.”