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“Justice For All” Panel at SDCC

DC held its ‘Justice For All’ panel today at SDCC, and Flash writer Joshua Williamson talked a bit about his series. He spoke about the differences between Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne, and hinted about what we’ll be seeing in the upcoming Negative-Flash story arc. Both CBR and Newsarama have been covering the panel.

As reported by CBR:

The Flash then took center stage, the first question for [Joshua] Williamson was focused on his collaborator, Howard Porter. Williamson related an anecdote about meeting Porter years ago, “He drew me a sketch of Robot Hourman and it was so hard to not just fanboy out on him when we started working.”

Inman then asked about Williamson’s recent work with Eobard Thawne. “I don’t think I’ve really remade anything,” Williamson explained about his own incarnation, “My favorite Flash story of all time is “The Return of Barry Allen” which tells a lot of Thawne’s origin. Thawne’s an obsessive fan […] he looked up to Barry as if Barry was a comic book character, almost like the Barry looked up to Jay’s comics in the 60s.”

“And then Thawne met Barry and realized that he’s just a person, he’s got flaws, and he was heartbroken. It kind of drove him crazy. So that stuff was already all there.” Williamson explained, “Barry is so full of hope, he’s sometimes hard to write. With Thawne, it’s the reverse! It’s almost easier. And because he’s such a fan, he knows all of [Barry’s weakpoints.]”

Williamson went on to talk about the recent developments in The Flash and the “negative speed force” which is the speed force that powers Thawne, so when Barry goes into the Negative Speed Force, he becomes infected by it.

The screen then displayed a character design for Barry’s infected “negative Flash” state, complete with ominous black lightning and rictus skull-like face.

“I think people are going to be very excited about the stuff that’s coming up for The Flash, we’re getting to get to a lot of things fans have been asking for.” Williamson teased.

To add to CBR’s coverage about Professor Zoom, Newsarama quotes Williamson as saying “All Thawne wants to do is continue to drag Barry down to his level.” Plus, the writer said that he’s been seeding stories since Flash: Rebirth #1 which we’ll be seeing come into play soon, and that there’s at least one easter egg for the upcoming story arc in Flash #1.

And once the panel began taking questions, Williamson spoke a bit about Red Death, the dark Flash from the upcoming Flash #33. “The best villains always think they’re the hero of their own story.” It may tell us a bit about what he’ll be like.

That’s all of the Flash comics discussion from the panel. But keep watch for more Flash media coverage today!

SDCC Quick Hits: Movie Schedule, Young Justice Kid Flash, LEGO Flash, Metal

Sadly we don’t have anyone on-site at Comic-Con International this year, but we do have the internet, so we’re following along with everyone else. Here’s a quick round-up of news from the first day and a half of the convention:

One of the attractions at this year’s LEGO booth is a life-size LEGO Flash based on the DCEU movie costume.

Delays on pre-production for the Flash movie mean that Shazam will film next, likely to release in 2019. It’s clear the Flash film won’t make its 2018 target, but there are three days left for DC/WB to make announcements — and he features prominently in new Justice league images.

The live-action Titans TV series is going into production

Young Justice: Outsiders (season 3 of the cartoon) showed off new character designs including Bart Allen as Kid Flash.

DC unveiled the Dark Knights, the villains of Metal (though we’ve already seen the Flash counterpart The Red Death, in the Flash #33 cover).

Stay tuned for more as the weekend continues!

Flash & SDCC Day 2 – New Speedsters at STAR Labs


Flash writer Joshua Williamson revealed some new information about the book at the Justice League Rebirth panel today at Comic-Con International.

Highlights from Newsarama’s liveblog and CBR’s liveblog (head over to those sites to read more):

His original plan was to pare things down to just one speedster, Barry Allen, but as he kept working on it, he realized it would be better to go the other way: Introduce lots of speedsters and show what makes Barry unique.

S.T.A.R. Labs has set up a training facility for the new speedsters. CBR has serveral art pages showing more than a dozen speedsters-in-training.

In addition to his friend August from the police force, two women named Mina and Avery will be working with the Flash.

There are no plans to bring Harrison Wells or other elements of the TV show at this time. (While S.T.A.R. Labs hasn’t been a big part of the New 52 Flash series, it’s been part of the DCU for decades.)

He also touched on what we already know about Godspeed — that he’s a villain who goes around killing other speedsters — and Kid Flash — that we’ll see younger Wally West’s journey toward becoming the hero seen in teasers for the new Teen Titans series.

Flash with Mina and Avery

Bombshell Flash & Francis Manapul-Inspired Statues from DC Collectibles at SDCC

Flash Bombshells Statue

The DC Collectibles panel at Comic-Con International unveiled some new Flash statues coming up, including a new wave of DC Bombshells statues and a statue inspired by Francis Manapul’s artwork as part of the DC Designers series. The Bombshell Flash statue is based on the Flash #32 variant cover by Ant Lucia.

DC Designers Flash by Francis Manapul

DC posted photos of a number of their statues on Twitter: Continue reading

Media Updates: Flash & Batman in the Movies, Jesse Quick Returns, SDCC Panel Schedule

Warner Bros. TV schedule is up for Comic-Con International. The Flash TV Show Panel will be Saturday, July 23 at 5pm in Ballroom 20:

Parallel universes…and doppelgangers…and man-sharks, oh my! The second season of The CW’s highest-rated series had more than its fair share of twists and turns, but none compared to Barry Allen’s jaw-dropping decision to go back in time and save his mother from his arch-nemesis, Reverse-Flash, a decision that called the entire timeline into question. But fear not, fans, you won’t have to wait until the fall to start getting answers to some of your most pressing questions, as the cast and creative team behind the show make their annual appearance at Comic-Con to begin giving fans insight into the show’s highly anticipated third season.

Violett Beane is set to return as Jesse Wells in Season 3 of the show. No word yet on whether she’ll be the Earth-2 Jesse we know or from another timeline, or whether we’ll see her as a speedster anytime soon. (via ComicsAlliance)

Warner Bros. showed a scene from Justice League featuring Batman (Ben Affleck) and the Flash (Ezra Miller) to the press, and CinemaBlend describes the scene, which shows the first meeting of Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen. The tone is reportedly a bit lighter than most of Batman v. Superman, and the scene tells us a few important things about the cinematic universe’s Barry Allen, and more. Spoilers of course.

SDCC 2015 Flash News Round-Up

Comic Con logoWow! This was a big Comic-Con for Flash news, with the TV series getting ready to go into its second season and a host of new comics projects on the way.

Here’s a link to all the announcements in one place:

TV and Movies


    Preview Night Reveals: DC Collectibles Flash & Arrow figures and Mezco New 52 Flash
  • Flash exclusives including an unmasked POP! figure, a retro Flash TV show figure, a superhero cage match mug pen holder, and a Flash symbol letter opener. A few may be available online after the con, but chances are you’ll have to scour eBay to find them now.