Promo reveals better look at new Flash logo, more interior art

DC has released a series of house ads featuring their premier New 52 books. And by “premier” I mean the books that never get canceled for very long: Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Justice League. Newsarama has the gallery.

This gives us a clearer look at the new Flash logo, since our previous view was incorporated into the Flash #2 cover with artistic license and blur effects. (See also: The Flash Logo Through the Years.)

The Flash material starts on page 12 of the gallery, and features two new pages of interior art from the book.


3 thoughts on “Promo reveals better look at new Flash logo, more interior art

  1. Kyer

    The artwork (as usual) looks stunning and should they (DC) ever bring back Wally in a good fashion some years down the line I’ll go back and pick up the trades on this as well. (Yes, I know I’m stubbornly loyal even at my own cost. Been that way for 50 years. So?)

  2. Kyer

    Wow…the site is not yet set up for the easily frustrated. There’s no index of the books so that I can skip the more gruesome titles and since I really don’t want to see the Joker’s smiling face again (or anything else like it) in this potpourri of images, I’m going to pass on trying to blindly browse through what must be a 150 page monster of images.

    1. Kyer

      Turned out to be 22 pages so I looked at them (other than the Batman ones) and it all looked good save for Wonder Woman and the Justice League’s armored wear. (Oddly enough, I actually like WW’s formal duds there much better than her regular book’s costume.) Cyborg still looks like he stepped from a Battlestar Galactica or Borg movie set. Maybe for him ‘formal’ equates to ‘blow them away first and ask questions later’.


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