Flashpoint #5 Covers Revealed

Today, DC released the main and variant covers for Flashpoint #5, due at the end of August. The standard cover, featuring the Flash, Professor Zoom and Batman, is by series artist Andy Kubert, with the Batman vs. Professor Zoom variant by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

DC has also posted the third variant cover at The Source: the uncolored pencil art from the Andy Kubert cover.

What I can’t figure out is why DC waited so long to release these covers. It’s not as if the Reverse-Flash’s presence would be a spoiler. We’ve known he was involved since before the series started. Anyone who read both The Flash: Rebirth and the two-page teaser for Flashpoint in The Flash #1 knew that Professor Zoom was involved over a year ago.


2 thoughts on “Flashpoint #5 Covers Revealed

  1. Savitar

    Both covers look great, but Kubert’s cover stands out more for me, mainly for the looks on Zoom’s and Barry’s faces. (Especially Zoom, smugness and arrogance all rolled into into one grin.)


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