Scott Lobdell Talks Kid Flash

Newsarama interviews Scott Lobdell about his new Teen Titans series:

Nrama: We’ve got Kid Flash, who has been confirmed as Bart Allen. Based on the very little that’s been revealed thus far, it sounds like the character might be returning a bit more to his Impulse days — or is that way off base?

Lobdell: Maybe we are both off base! [Laughs.] I love the idea that Bart is the only Flash (Kid or otherwise) to maintain the ability to remember everything he’s ever read — and I also love the notion that knowledge and experience are two separate tools that aren’t always used together.

But I also think that what makes Bart different from every other Flash (Kid or otherwise) is that his mind races almost as fast as his feet! I love that Bart is more inclined to speak before he actually thinks about what it is he’s saying. I love that he’s not a Barry who understands instinctually that the quickest way between two points is usually a straight line. I like that Bart’s mind is always racing and I don’t want to ever lose that: is that a trait from his Impulse days? Not exclusively, no.


4 thoughts on “Scott Lobdell Talks Kid Flash

  1. Kyer

    Yeppers….unique just like Wally (was) unique and Bart was unique and Jay was unique with this ability of a Flash. 😀 ergh.

  2. Javi Trujillo

    What confuses me is that I’ve read recently that Barry and Iris haven’t married, only dated. So, if she’s no longer his “lightning rod” and they never married and lived in the future, how does Bart exist?

    1. Kelson Post author

      1. At least so far, Bart’s from the future. Barry & Iris don’t have to have gotten together in the present.

      2. Post-Flashpoint, how do we know Bart’s origin hasn’t changed? He could be a distant descendant. He could be a cousin. He may not even be a family member.

      I’m still pulling for him to be the last survivor of the pre-Flashpoint universe, but DC would call that an escape hatch.


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