Teen Titans #100 Variant Cover

Edit: Phil Jimenez’ variant cover for the double-sized finale.

They seem to be going for everyone who has ever been a Titan (who’s still alive). They even included Protector (who was a stand-in for Robin in a series of anti-drug PSAs from the 1980s when they discovered that the rights to using Robin were tied up.)

Speedsters I’ve spotted: Wally West (as both Kid Flash and the Flash), Bart Allen as Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Mas y Menos.

From Comic Book Resources.


17 thoughts on “Teen Titans #100 Variant Cover

  1. Aaron Poehler

    Haven’t been a fan of this Titans series in a long time (since Johns left?) but that’s nice work. Might pick this one up just to say goodbye.

    I guess XS was never a Titan proper, but I seem to recall her popping up here and there.

  2. papa zero

    It’s telling that I immediately recognized Protector over a number of others. 😛 Wasn’t Red Star an official member for a short time – or was he just along for the ride in a few stories?

    1. Perplexio

      I thought he was a full member during the Pantha, Baby Wildbeest, Phantasm incarnation. I actually enjoyed that brief and rather unusual run of the Titans.

  3. SomeGuy

    Wait, Son of Vulcan is still alive?

    And wow… using the oooooold Traci 13 design there, huh. I barely recognized her. Probably because she hasn’t looked like that in years, and was her more current style when she was a Titan.

  4. Lee H

    At first I laughed because Batman was in the middle… then I realised that it was Dick Grayson! Fun cover, fitting for an end of an era.

    Was anyone important missed out?

  5. collectededitions

    Ditto what Aaron Poehler said — I haven’t been reading Titans for a while, but that is one sweet cover. Good job, Phil Jimenez.

    (Kelson, I see the message “This blog has set the api url to use https , the commentluv technical settings need to be changed for the API url to use http” just above the “Commentluv” box; seems to be appearing instead of the usual “your last post” box.)

    1. Kelson Post author

      I think CommentLuv has been semi-broken on this site for a while, and there seem to be plans to change the way the service works. I’ll take a look, but I’m reluctant to spend too much time on it until after the update.

    2. Kelson Post author

      It turns out that the big changes have already been made, so I looked into what I could do to fix it. In addition to the HTTPS issue, there was a bad interaction between CommentLuv and the CDN I’m using (basically, it wasn’t picking up newer versions of the script).

      Should be fixed now.

  6. married guy

    I love Jimenez’ work! I will be buying this solely for the cover. Titans is like an old girlfriend for me. Remembered fondly but not something I feel compelled to revisit!


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