Young Justice Series 1 Kid Flash Pictures *Image Intensive*

Greetings Speed Readers,

For those not in the know Young Justice is DC Comic’s latest animated series to hit Cartoon Network. The Kid Flash featured on this show has been stated and explicitly named as Wally West. This is obviously Wally before he graduates on to (possibly) becoming the Fastest Man Alive. The 4.25″ action figure of Kid Flash has been hitting stores all over the country and I finally got my hands on one via First some mint on card pics:

Kid Flash is similar in scale and style of the soon to be defunct Justice League Unlimited toy line and this line has been touted as its successor. The card is vibrant and full of eye popping color. I can definitely see this toy attracting young eyes at retail. For those wondering why the packaging is so large when the figure is so small, they also included two pieces of a Collect and Connect Hall of Justice which I will never be completing. I’m too much of a cherry picker and to complete the diorama takes a couple of complete waves. No thanks.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the best pictures of the back but going forward we will be getting a stealth version of Kid Flash. In the cartoon, the Justice League has developed too high of a profile and are far too recognizable for more delicate covert operations so Young Justice is used as a covert team. They possess black stealth suits that remind me a little of the Justice League Elite covert operations gear.

It seems as if they are staying away from gimmick figures (the kind of figures you would get back in the day with special armor not actually used on the show) for the first few waves at least and only including character appropriate accessories. In this case Kid Flash comes with a bag of “Fast Food”. The details on the figure are pretty solid but I have to comment on the fact that this does not look like Wally at all. The crew cut, brown hair, blue eyes; nothing about this figure says “Wally” except for the fact that he is called that in the show and on the back of the card. Maybe gingers didn’t test well in the market research? I really see no other reason for this other than one that was used way back in the Silver Age when Wally got his second costume; In order to disguise his obvious exposed hair Wally utilized brown temporary hair dye that would inexplicably come from his ring along with his costume. Maybe in this bold new future this is a more advanced suit that simply makes it appear as if the hair is brown and his eyes are blue? Who knows?

The back view of Wally West

As you can see Wally fits right in alongside Justice League Unlimited Jay Garrick and Barry Allen. Except for the different hand positions I don’t see a crazy big difference in the sculpts except for the hands and even then it still works. Not seamless but still I’ve got my Flash family.

Just Barry and Wally

All the different Wally as Kid Flash action figures together. DC Direct Silver Age First Appearance Kid Flash, Teen Titans Box Set Kid Flash, Heroclix Kid Flash, DC Direct Kid Flash, Young Justice Kid Flash, Pocket Heroes Kid Flash, DC Universe Classics Kid Flash, and McDonald’s Happy Meal toy Kid Flash.

Looks like we might have to get used to getting our Wally fix from Young Justice. I’m happy it is coming from somewhere but it is sad to see what we all feared might happen finally come to fruition. I don’t think we will be seeing Wally as the Flash as a figure for a long time. 🙁

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Devin “Flash” Johnson



4 thoughts on “Young Justice Series 1 Kid Flash Pictures *Image Intensive*

  1. Kyer

    You get used to him there.
    I’m not into that show and your post illustrated why: Barry’s awful first hair cut, Barry’s eyes, Bart’s hair color…ugh. It was bad enough that JL Wally was given Barry’s job and not his own. Plus, have despised the goggles since I first saw them. It’s the shape…and opaqueness of them. Ugh. Much prefer my DC Direct Kid Flash. In fact the only thing I do like of these figures over the JL ones are the body proportions. Really wish they’d made a Flash/Wally from the Two Earths animated. *sigh*

    But what really kills any enthusiasm is that this show is exactly how DC wants you to see and remember Wally…not a Flash, but this inferior kiddie version.

    I’d rather remember him as The Fastest (or one of the Fastest) *Men* Alive.

    1. Kyer

      In addition, the original costume looked lightyears better than this one. More lighting and less blockiness.

  2. Lee H

    Are the eyes definitely blue? They’re green in the show, and his hair is auburn, very much like Miss Martian’s, rather than a full on orange.

    I’m going to wait for the 6 inch version, but the upcoming Flash/Kid Flash twin pack is tempting.

    1. Devin Post author

      Yep, I’ve seen enough Blue-eyed Wally’s to know one almost instantly. You are correct about the show. Another reason why the changes puzzle me. In the show Wally’s hair is definitely red and his eyes are definitely green.


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