Last Week to Vote: Top DC & Marvel Characters

The Top 100 Marvel/DC characters poll at Comics Should Be Good ends this Thursday, on August 25, so this is your last chance to vote. Be sure to submit your top 10 favorite characters from each company! Make sure your favorite Flash(es) are represented!


One thought on “Last Week to Vote: Top DC & Marvel Characters

  1. Perplexio

    Wally came in at #1 for me and Barry at #10. Owen Mercer/Boomerang II, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom II, and Eobard Thawne/Prof. Zoom ALL came in ahead of Barry on my list. Perhaps a testament to how much better Geoff Johns has done/is doing at writing the rogues than he is at writing Barry.

    My DC list is made up entirely of characters from the Batman and Flash families and rogues but Bruce Wayne/Batman did not make my list at all I enjoy his supporting cast much more than I enjoy him.


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