This Week: Kid Flash Lost #3, Teen Titans #100 and more

It’s a week of endings, as the last pre-reboot DC comics arrive in stores. First up is Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3, with Teen Titans #100, Justice Society of America #54, and several collections appearing.

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3

In order to catch up to his grandfather, Bart Allen will have to race against the speed force itself. As he is bounced around through time collecting multi-dimensional speed force energy from various members of the Flash family, Bart needs to gain all of the necessary tools to reach Barry in time to deliver a message that could save the universe. But will he be able to reach the world’s last hope for restoration before the speed force catches up to him?

In FLASHPOINT: KID FLASH LOST #3, Bart Allen finally realizes the personal sacrifice he must make in order to save his family and the people he loves. By Sterling Gates, Oliver Nome, Scott Kolins and Trevor Scott, the final issue in this miniseries races into stores on Wednesday.

Other Comics

  • Teen Titans #100 featuring Bart Allen and Inertia (and a variant cover that may prove to be Wally West’s final cover appearance as The Flash for a long time)
  • Justice Society of America #54 featuring what may be Jay Garrick’s final appearance until DC decides to revive the JSA.


  • DC Universe Legacies (HC) – a history of the old DCU
  • DC Comics Presents: JLA: Heaven’s Ladder


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  1. Ionic One

    I keep getting the sickest sensation that Barry is going to be directly responsible for the DCnU/ no Wally. I mean I get that they’re trying to set up for movie interpretation but does it have to be this drastic?

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