Manapul and Buccellato Talk Barry Allen (via Newsarama, UPDATED 10/26)

Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers has turned in a new two-part interview with New 52 Flash team Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato.  With issue # 2 due tomorrow, the pair talk about their “vision for Barry Allen” and speak more specifically than before about their process in terms of plotting, art and dialog.

In the first part, posted yesterday, the two touched on the advantage of handling both art and writing responsibilities:

Francis Manapul: Yeah, it’s a much more integrated process. And I do think we’re in a fortunate position to be co-writing, drawing and coloring the book. We’re able to really utilize every aspect of the art to tell the story.

Brian Buccellato: We aren’t interpreting someone else’s script, so there’s no gap between the story and the art. It’s integrated from the idea, all the way through colors. So I think that gives us an advantage, especially with the visuals.

UPDATE: Part two of the interview went up today, including an exclusive sneak preview of art from issue #3.  The team goes into greater detail about the direction of the book, teases upcoming storylines, including the return of the Cosmic Treadmill and reveal more on the nature of Mob Rule.  Check it out here, and then go grab issue #2!

They also revisit a few points from their NYCC interview with Newsarama, including the major influences on their portrayal of Barry Allen: superhero and comic book fan.  Allen’s comic-fan identity is tied closely to his origin, and Manapul has mentioned attempts to capture the tone of his early appearances in DC’s Showcase title in the mid-late 1950s:

Manapul: When I started, I read a lot of the old Showcase books to really try to capture what it was that drew people to Barry Allen.  Reading those old books, it had a very positive feeling.  What’s interesting about Barry Allen’s perception among fans is that a lot of people think he’s “old-school.” But in reality, the only thing old-school about him is his idealism. His optimism. Right?

So he’s this very black and white type of hero, and he’s been thrust into this world that’s gray.  We decided to play with that. I mean, that sort of theme doesn’t get old. The heart is the same, but we’re putting it in a very modern setting.

Buccellato: And we just made sure that we had a clear vision of where Barry is going. We want to show his journey in this story, but we had to back up from that result to begin this story. And I think that’s important as you approach a character.

Part two is set to go up today.  Be sure to head over to Newsarama to check out the whole first part of the interview, and then part two.


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  1. Realitätsprüfung

    Very cool interview. Flash #1 was crackling with verve and energy, and from reading the interview it’s clear these two guys work well together.

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