Wayback Wednesday: How To Make a Golden-Age Flash Costume

With Halloween approaching fast, now* seems like a good time to highlight a pair of old posts on how to make a Jay Garrick costume!

My wife and I (OK, it was mostly her) made this for Comic-Con International 2009, and it worked out really well. Unfortunately the gold paint on the helmet wings has tarnished since then, and the boot covers have detached themselves from the shoes, so it needs some touch-up if I plan to wear it again. Maybe next year.

*Yeah, I know last week or even earlier in October would have been a better time, but I only came up with this “Wayback Wednesday” idea acouple of days ago.


7 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday: How To Make a Golden-Age Flash Costume

  1. Nick

    Summer 2010, I made a Jay Garrick costume for Halloween. Though I went off and went a slightly different creation route, you’re tutorial gave me a great starting point (particularly in regards to the helmet). Incidentally, it also how I encountered SpeedForce.org for the first time.

      1. Nick

        I didn’t care for the feel of the painted lightening bolt, so I got some yellow felt, cut out a thick bolt, and sewed it on to a red shirt.
        With the helmet, I couldn’t find Model Magic, so I tired a substitute clay, but it kept cracking and was needlessly frustrating. In the end, I just kept it as paper mache and use the cardboard from a pizza box for the rim. I spray painted over it hiding the newspaper print. It was lightweight, but still durable.
        And I just bought an inexpensive pair of red rubber boots from Wal-Mart.

        1. Martin Gray

          You look fantastic, Kelson – if you’re going to tweak it, how about adding the leg lightning? I always loved that.

          And where can we see you in your Flash finery, Nick?


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