Speed Reading: New 52 Flash Edition

Weekend linkblogging. Actually, the “New 52 Flash Edition” is a bit of a misnomer, since I’m saving the review roundup for another post, but hey, it’s 1am and I don’t feel like coming up with a better title right now.

Flash links

More comics links

Still more links


One thought on “Speed Reading: New 52 Flash Edition

  1. Kyer

    Got a kick out of the Barry/wife picture.

    The Flash Movie: is it any wonder some sites have closed down their comment sections to viewers?

    Oh, F’king Monkey…I feel your pain. I used to love to move fast…not run, I could never handle running…but until recently I could power walk fast as anyone. It was the most glorious feeling just racing myself, swerving around obstacles. Now I can barely hobble and it hasn’t done a thing for my waistline. People who make fun of those not in the prime of condition and wearing a super hero shirt are plain jerks.

    Ah! The Barry In Living Room scene I’ve been reading about! Thank you! 🙂 Honestly, that was cute…although I’d kind of rather imagined him running to the DC printers and getting a copy ‘hot off the press’. Also, this would be loads of fun if that Flash #1 was of Jay Garrick! 😀

    Los Angelas….I kind of miss it. Sure the traffic was/is horrendous, the City of Industry stunk to high heaven and the smog is legendary “Oh, you can hold your head up high, but if you do you might get smog in your eye…” Los Angelas, we love you so. Of course most of all I miss the Long Beach science fiction and mystery shops (that may not even exist anymore), Little Corona beach, Disneyland (since changed quite a danged bit I am told), the variety of museums and….I’m getting misty eyed. Damnit. (Must be a remnant of the smog.)

    You can take the gal out of The Basin, but you can’t take the air pollution out of the gal. I’m still linked.


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