Speed Reading: Halloween Edition

Between Long Beach Comic Con & some home improvement projects, I didn’t have time to do the weekend linkblogging. So, here it is!


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4 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Halloween Edition

  1. Kyer

    Flash Halloween Costumes: Why does Miss Flash look like a red Golden Glider? And what by all that is fast is she doing wearing high heels? Gotta admit though, if any lady speedster can hit light speed while wearing stilettos she is one bad mama I don’t want to mess with.

    Robot 6, the future doesn’t look like anything at all for Wally. In fact, ‘not very bright’ would be a whopping inprovement over what there is now. -_-;;

  2. Penny Dreadful

    At this point, DC’s sent so many mixed signals about Wally that I just roll my eyes. Circa 2006 they also said there were no plans to bring back Barry. I wouldn’t believe a word they say until there’s a published comic or a solicitation. Until then, assume nothing.

  3. Kyer

    I am assuming *nothing*…as in nothing is forthcoming. At this point I’d at least need to see a cover with preview pages to even begin to believe Wally had returned.

    Until then I’m buying other things.

  4. Kyer

    Just noticed the Road to Flashpoint HC countdown….is anyone (besides die-hard must have everything Barry Allen fans) going to get this piece of wasted forest? Never mind the dissing of Wally, the story was…absent. Boring. If you liked the art…just go googling and get some scenes for free…book is not worth any price. -_-;;


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