Flash #3 Variant Cover by Jim Lee

Somehow, I missed seeing this cover until today. I guess with the early preview, DC just didn’t get around to posting it online. Thanks to Aaron Louis Kessler of the Flash and Other Members of the Speed Force group on Facebook for the scan!

Speaking of Flash #3, I’m sorry I’m so far behind on reviews. It’s been a busy couple of months. Who am I kidding, it’s been a busy year! I’ll see if I can do a combined review of #2 and #3, or just go straight to #3, sometime in the next week.

Speaking of that preview, it was one of DC’s first posts on Google+. Speed Force is on Google+ too, so please add us to your circles!


6 thoughts on “Flash #3 Variant Cover by Jim Lee

  1. Wayne Lippa

    I saw it in my LCS and had to have it. Fortunately for me, he gets something like 14 or 15 variant covers for each of the series that have them so far (excluding Justice League), so I got it for a not-too-bad price.

  2. married guy

    I’m getting all the Flash variants for cover price from my store which makes me a VERY happy camper!

    That said, I didn’t get the 1:200 variant for issue 1 and there’s NO WAY I’m forking over $200 for a comic book!!

    1. Wayne Lippa

      I’m currently looking to get all the “regular” Flash variants too, at least for the forseeable future. And even if my LCS ordered enough copies to get a 1:200 variant (which he doesn’t by a longshot), I wouldn’t even consider getting that variant. There’s no way I could justify spending that much for a variant.

  3. West

    It’s a badass cover, no doubt. It really makes the viewer sit up and take notice that the Flash might be pretty cool and worth a (fifth) look.


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