Kid Flash’s Story to Unfold in 2012

DC Comics’ EiC Bob Harras dropped a few hints yesterday about what’s in store for the DC Universe in 2012. Those wondering just what’s going on with Kid Flash — is he still from the future? — still related to Barry? — will be glad to hear that answers are on their way:

And what exactly is Kid Flash’s story? TEEN TITANS will explore that mystery early next year.


11 thoughts on “Kid Flash’s Story to Unfold in 2012

  1. Aaron Poehler

    Over Xmas I finally got around to reading the entire run of Impulse and though I’m mostly behind the new 52 stuff I did feel we’ve definitely lost something there…which isn’t to say it’s not something that can be gotten back.

    1. Kelson Post author

      It’s not his final costume. I’m not 100% certain of the context, but I believe this one actually is cobbled together out of one of Tim’s old costumes.

      1. Lee H

        That’s exactly it. #1 had a photo showing that Tim Drake wore his “One Year Later” Robin costume before he became Red Robin. Bart looks to be wearing that costume, minus trunks and cape, and with the 1990s Robin belt. He found the clothes in the back of Tim Drake’s closet.

        A little bit of Bart’s back story is revealed in #4:

        “Apparently six months ago I showed up on the steps of Mother Bernice’s Home For Wayward Boys. With no memory at all of how I got there… Or how I can do what I do. I could have been born this way — who knows?”

  2. Glen

    While I like the new 52. I’m wondering what will become of Jay, Wally, and Bart. I really wonder what will become of those characters.

  3. JeanVG

    I find it funny, through this whole mess, how they find it so easy to crap on the Flash family, but the Bat Family remains relatively untouched with all prominent members there. Plus, all the Robins.

    I digress though.

  4. lightspeed

    Sounds interesting. Well colour me curious. I wonder if this means we might see the other speedsters in the new year? I certainly hope so.

  5. flashfan

    Well, after the recent TT issue (got some scans here, I have to say, I’m very excited. I like the idea that he will have to discover his past..
    Personally, I think DC will have his history be pretty much the same (comes from the future, blah blah) so that if The New 52 really crashes, they can somehow use him as a ‘link to the real future/present’ and put everything back how it was.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Thanks for the scans. I find it amusing that the context for the costume was actually in this panel (well, splash page), but missing because DC posted it without the dialogue.

      1. flashfan

        I bet a lot of fans were flaming up the forums ’till the issue actually came out. I’m really liking the new 52 teen titans. I have yet to read The Flash though. Working my way through all the old issues first, but when I heard Bart would be in TT, I couldn’t resist.


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