Speed Reading

Your regularly scheduled weekend linkblogging…

First the Flash & Speedster stuff

More comics-related stuff

And beyond comics.

  • Yes, I actually found one: Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart (Photo) – Check the sporting goods department and ask for Ash. See if they have any specials on boom sticks.
  • Lunar Eclipse photos – I woke up early Saturday morning to watch the eclipse, then stayed out to watch the sunrise.


5 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. kyer

    They’ve done away with Tiny Titans! The only place in a comic book where one could still find Wally! Noooooo!

    I just found this out thru Scans_Daily. Okay, so the book was for young kids, it was cute with related DC humor. The authors didn’t want to kill it….but it is being pulled after issue 50.

    This was the only place left in print where I could not only find Wally West but also villains as lunch room ladies. The best *fun* book in the whole of DC.

    *sigh* Instead we get Superman Family Adventures. More of Superman. I’m mainly surprised it isn’t Batman Family Adventures seeing as…you know…we have so few Batman issues out there. X(


      1. kyer

        I thought I’d read recently (recently being pre-October when I bought a PC as opposed to another Mac) that Young Justice the book was also being cancelled this year? 😕

  2. Touch of Grey

    Wow, I didn’t even notice you guys had linked to my collection! Sweet!

    It’s sort of, uh, grown a little bit since those pictures were taken, though. By four action figures, a shirt, and a copy of The Trial of the Flash in black and white bound edition.

    I have a problem and I am not ashamed to admit I have a problem.


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