Flash Still in Top 10, Four Months into the New 52

Diamond’s December sales rankings are out, and The Flash #4 is ranked the month’s #8 comic by units sold. Four issues in a row in the top 10 is, as far as I know, a first for The Flash (at least in recent memory). Volume three spent most of its time in the 10-20 range, and even Flash: Rebirth dropped to #14 in the fourth issue. Only Flashpoint held in the top 10 longer…for all five issues of the miniseries, in fact, including both August issues.

Detailed estimates will likely be available sometime next week.


6 thoughts on “Flash Still in Top 10, Four Months into the New 52

  1. Kyer

    Oh good. It was kind of frustrating there when I kept trying to see the site only to get the error page. Tried the email link: gmail was also down. sheesh.

    Never had problems getting this site to load until this week: makes twice already. Server issues?

    (Kyer needs her Flash news fix)

    A little surprised that #4 is doing so well given as I understand Barry is hardly in that issue. Guess Mob Rule is a hit?

  2. married guy

    The common consensus seems to be, ‘The writing is OK, but man the artwork is BEAUTIFUL!’.

    Pretty accurate assesment too I think. I’m interested in seeing if there’s a sales spike come the captain Cold issue…..

  3. Kyer

    I went to your blog, clicked Email…and ended up back here? Oy. Coise youse, Reverse Flash!

    Anyway, check out Bleeding Cool and the possible new DC logo. I kind of like it and gave my reasons over at CBR.

    Also comics but not Flash related: Scans_Daily has a post dated 1/13 where Peanuts like Charlie Brown and Snoopy met Spiderman. It’s legit…not fan art or a fan comic, but actually done by the owners.


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