Flash Team Talks Rogues Plus Issue #6 Preview at USA Today

Flash writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are featured in a new article and interview over at USAToday.com, which also has an exclusive preview of issue #6, out this Wednesday.

Manapul and Buccellato continue to hint at the mystery surrounding the Rogues’ new power manifestations, as well as their view of the Flash and the world at large, in the New 52.  The group will be introduced one-by-one, according to Manapul:

“They have reasons for feeling how they feel about him and that will unfold over the course of the next two issues,” Buccellato says. “The dynamic is the same — it’s just the relationships are not the same as they were because some stuff has happened.”

While there’s a certain charm to them working together, Manapul adds, “showcasing them one by one at the moment puts an emphasis on how much stronger these characters are.”

Manapul states that Captain Cold is “definitely a lot more dangerous than he was before,” but also addresses what sets the Rogue and his associates apart in the New 52 DCU:

“The Rogues are about the score — they’re about getting in, getting paid and getting out. They’re not the Joker, they’re not Lex Luthor. They have their own way of doing things,” Buccellato says.

For more, including Manapul on Cold’s bold new look, check out USA Today!


5 thoughts on “Flash Team Talks Rogues Plus Issue #6 Preview at USA Today

  1. Owen


    I just read the article in USA Today and I just wanted to point out that when it says “They’re also looking at bringing in new Rogues and adding newer dimensions than before — there were no female Rogues in the past, for instance, Buccellato says — but still staying true to what makes a Rogue a Rogue.” this is plain wrong.

    FLASH FACT: not only was there a female rogue, The Golden Glider, but she was the sister of Captain Cold. According to Wikipeadia, the Golden Glider “first appeared in Flash #250 (June 1977) and was murdered in Flash vol.2 #113 (May 1996). In the time since, her death has been a constant source of grief for her older brother.”

    Its one thing to write her out (which is okay with me), but another thing to appear not to even know she existed!

    Your friendly pedant,

    1. Imitorar

      You could argue that the Golden Glider was never a “real” Rogue. First of all, she was created later than the others. And secondly, she was never really used in “Rogue” stories. She mostly just did her own thing where she tried to take revenge on Barry for getting the Top killed. But her whole reason for being a supervillain was different from the other Rogues, so you could make the case that she was in a different category.

      1. Lia

        Even if that’s the case (I don’t agree that Glider isn’t a real Rogue), Blacksmith and Magenta were definitely Rogues.

        This article annoys the hell out of me, it’s probably best I not talk about it.


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