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“Central City Strong” Review of S7E4 of THE FLASH

Mirror Master/Monarch is back in the mirror dimension, but the scars are still there. Scars in the landscape of the city, and scars left by trauma in those who survived. Dealing with trauma is a big theme in this episode, as we watch how Barry and Iris (along with so many others) deal with the aftermath. We get a returning villain, with trauma of his own and a desire to take down a rebuilding Central City. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Mother” May I? Review of S7 E3 of THE FLASH

This episode has a lot of things that needed to happen in the space of an hour (or less, counting commercials). We are wrapping up the Mirror Master storyline. Barry needs to get his speed back after trashing the Artificial Speed Force at the end of last episode. And, what about the OG Wells’ return? Like I said, a lot is going on here. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Wally’s Time – Review of SPEED METAL #1

THE FLASH #762 was a wonderful wrap up to Joshua Williamson’s time on the title. But, as he has said, Williamson is not through with The Flash. This may be the best tie-in to DEATH METAL yet – especially if you are a fan of DC Speedsters. The danger may not be over at the end of this story, but Wally’s story comes full circle in a way that should make fans jump for joy! Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Liberation” Review of S6 E17 of THE FLASH

If you thought last week’s episode was intense, buckle up for this one. “Liberation”, S6 E17 of THE FLASH is the most emotionally intense episode we’ve seen so far…and that is really saying something! Last episode, Joe West barely avoided assassination and has now gone into witness protection. “Iris”, under orders to drain what little Speed Force is left from Barry, has played his emotions to the limit. Barry is now out of the apartment, his speed nearly gone…and all that pales in comparison to what we see this week.  Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“The Flash Age” Part Three – Review of THE FLASH #752

We’re going to do our review a bit differently this time. With the Coronavirus spreading world-wide and many comic shops being unable to get the latest issues out to you, this review will have two parts. The first part will be spoiler-free, for those who want to wait until they can get their hands on a copy of the issue. Then, we’ll have a jumping-off point where you will have to click to see the regular, somewhat more spoiler-ish look at an excellent issue of THE FLASH. Let us know what you think about the format. So…let’s get to the review!


When we left Flash last issue, he had been blasted by Paradox into something that looked like it could be heaven. After all, the first person he saw was his late mother, Nora Allen! This issue centers on Barry’s adventures here. Is it heaven, or hell, or something else entirely? And, with Paradox still on the loose, does Barry have any way of making a difference? Without telling more, that’s the emphasis of this story. It’s a great look at what “paradise” could be…if only he could stay. By issue’s end, Barry is seeking help from the last person you would ever expect him to ask.

This story gives us some of the best of Barry Allen himself. How he reacts to things, and what he does about it, bring out the best qualities of the person with a lightning bolt on his chest. His intelligence, his sensibilities, his emotions are all in play here, in another great script by Joshua Williamson. Howard Porter gives us some absolutely amazing artwork this issue. The first splash page should be made into a poster. But more than that, Porter handles some significant emotional twists so smoothly that you would almost think you were dealing with live actors. This was a great issue for me, one that I would rate a 9/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion…what do YOU think?


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