The Flash in Justice League: Doom

David Huang writes in about the soon-to-be-released DC animated feature, Justice League: Doom, based on the “Tower of Babel” storyline in JLA.

I recently attended the premier of Warner Brothers Entertainment’s Justice League: Doom at the Paley Center in NYC and just thought I’d share a few Flash facts about the animated feature… mild spoilers follow:

  • Michael Rosenbaum reprises his role as The Flash, but this time as Barry Allen instead of Wally West. Slightly less of a ham, but there is plenty of humor sprinkled throughout Dwayne MacDuffie’s great adapted script for Flash and the whole cast.
  • This is Barry Allen’s first modern animated appearance as forensic law enforcement in the field.
  • We see a costume change where the suit ejects from the ring.
  • We get to see Flash use his intangibility, whirlwinds, & accelerated healing. There is a lot of action in this animated feature. No punches pulled.
  • Second only to Vandal Savage, Mirror Master is probably the most important villain in the piece and presented as a proper threat.
  • Cheetah does not appear to be a speedster.
  • Superman appears to fly faster than light. Green Lantern as well.
  • Cyborg is a key character and graduates to the League but no mention of the Titans.
  • The contingency plan for Flash is much more logical here than in Waid’s original; the fix is a little less clear, however.

Justice League: Doom arrives in stores on February 28.


4 thoughts on “The Flash in Justice League: Doom

  1. Kyer

    I gave in and checked out some of the clips of Doom….maybe a quarter of the movie Liked the animation over that of the Justice League series (no huge shoulders), but was bored by Flash. It wasn’t *bad*…just….if I had met this character and seen this movie before the series I would not now have a closet full of DC material. He was nice yet….bland. Alfred was fun. I liked Alfred a lot, but then I usually do.

    I’m sorry. I really wanted to like it better. Maybe the rest of it I didn’t see shines brighter?

  2. Kyer


    Okay, I think I fell victim to group-think propaganda. Also, I realize a better place for this question would be CBR, but currently Google is warning me that site is an attack site so until they remove whatever offensive script is there I won’t link to that website….and I’m an impatient bugger with a heavy work schedule ahead.

    A a week back I thought I saw Flash in a thumbnail from YouTube. When I played it, it turned out it wasn’t Wally or even Barry although the animation ‘look’ was very similar.

    Turns out it was a Marvel cartoon of The Avengers and the character who had me doing a double take was called Ant Man or Hank Prym. Who apparently is absolutely in love with this wasp gal.

    Okay, so he’s a scientist guy whose powers are more similar to Atom’s and his career to Barry, but I’m already intrigued because…yeah, guy in a red suit. Even has ‘antennae’ on his head. Plus a devoted guy both to his beliefs and stinger woman or whatever her name is. This may give him an edge with me over that Daredevil character…yeah, red suits again. (What is this thing I’ve developed for scarlet-clad unitards?)


    Like I said I’m intrigued. Here is a hero who is a)loyal to his loved one (something Barry currently doesn’t seem to be what with this Spivot person and before that Fiona) and b) alive and kicking (something DC is not allowing Wally and Linda to be.)

    I take loyalty *very* seriously. Which is why I’m still not warming up to Barry and am pissed at DC’s attitude towards Wally fans.

    Also saw little difference between Marvel’s animation and DC’s.

    So why is DC’s animation department considered better?

    1. Kyer

      Curse you, Wikipedia for destroying yet another attempt to find a Wally substitute with….THE FACTS!

      (Seriously, what have comics against married pairs? And that Zombies stuff was even more disgusting than Blackest Night….though on par with the Flashpoint tie ins.)

  3. Kyer

    Okay, after spending a few minutes looking at Marvel Avenger scans (which turned into a whole day and night) I am officially in love with Henry ‘Hank’ Pym, mental issues and all.

    It helped that I couldn’t stop laughing during a single one of Scans Dailies Marvel Adventures.

    But what *really* sealed the deal was when pacifistic Pym called on rude Dr. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four “to bring it on..” and then gave the ‘B’ word.
    “Oh snap.”

    Tears. In. My. Eyes.

    Laughing. Laughing til I couldn’t breathe. Best darn case of near death I ever experienced.

    Goshdang it, where is this is the kind of stuff I miss from classic Justice League International!

    The biggest question: Why do comic book companies cancel their best stuff? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?


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