News Flash! Jay Garrick’s Earth-2 Redesign Revealed!

Newsarama has revealed the new Jay Garrick design with the Earth 2 #2 cover in this interview with James Robinson.

As the book unfolds, Jay Garrick is very much our point of entry to the world. He’s the “everyman” character that we all like, that we all want to be, want to hang out with. That’s kind of the role he was in the original Earth-2, and I think it suits him well. He’s the likable guy, the one you care about.

The description of Jay himself sounds okay, but I think the costume is a horrible move. Over on Twitter, Greg paraphrased Barry Allen in The Dark Knight Strikes Again: “folks don’t know the difference between ‘old’ and ‘classic’.” The rest of the interview doesn’t do anything to help the concerns I raised yesterday about this this book and alternate reality being his only home in the New 52.

So what do you think? Is this a great redesign? A terrible one? Good for some Flash, but bad for Jay Garrick?


65 thoughts on “News Flash! Jay Garrick’s Earth-2 Redesign Revealed!

  1. Ben France

    I’m all for re-designs, re-imaginings etc, but this looks a little poor. That helmet looks as though he belongs on the Death Star.

  2. Kyer

    I cringe at the helmet. Makes him look like Marvel’s Ant Man and in costume design that is NOT a compliment.
    I loathe the shark gills on his ribs.
    I abhor the mustard stain.
    I can not standeth the Dark JL atmosphere that they are seeming to convey in each and every picture of Earth-2 thus far.

    I hate it, hate, it, hate it…every dang piece of it other than it’s red and blue.

    For the record, I also despise the new Shazam. He looks like a mugger dressed for Halloween. Really, really, nothing like Captain Marvel in color or happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

    If this is Earth-2 I don’t ever want to see Earth-3.

  3. Josh

    Jay Garrick’s design makes it official for me: I’m sitting out EARTH TWO and I just contacted my comic shop to have them take it off my list. I cannot bear to see my all time favorite characters run through the mud like this.

    I was so hoping that Earth 2 would be where all of the hope had gone in the DC Universe, so I could read a book not rife with ugliness and violence and whatever-all-else. I was especially looking forward to seeing Robinson and Scott take on my beloved characters, as both authors are suited to work on a series that could have been full of the promise of optimism and brightness. Too bad that is not this book.

    This dude may be a Flash, but he is NOT the Jay Garrick I love and want to read about. I guess I’m stuck with what’s already out there.

    1. Kyer

      This is an Earth where The Big Cheese looks more like a demented Spectre.

      I dunno, guys. I was so looking forward to seeing Jay and Alan and now this….twisted Joker world version is it?

  4. CraigM

    At first glance I thought the picture was of Ant-Man (from Avengers). Once I realized it was supposed to be “The Flash” though, it brought to mind Jace Allen’s Flash costume from the Chain Lightning story arc. I’ve seen some folks compare the helmet (which is awful, btw) to the one the Crime Syndicate’s Johnny Quick wears. The costume itself looks okay, but the helmet needs to be changed. I do like the goggles though.
    I think “Earth 2” as a concept, in this case, would be better served as a 12 issue maxi-series. Unless it’s absolutely brilliant in execution, I doubt this book will last long. It may attract a few people that are curious about this “new universe” but after the first few issues that will probably wear off. Robinson did some great work on Starman, and I’ve heard good stuff about The Shade mini-series, but his JLA was less than impressive (to be kind). He seems better suited to books that are a character study than something this high concept.

  5. Mr_Flavell

    Awful – just awful.

    DC’s treatment of The Flash (all 4 of them) has been pretty dreadful but this takes the biscuit.

  6. Aedien

    Oh Lord, this seriously almost made me start to cry. The new Barry is sort of cool, though I desperately miss Wally and his family, but this is just a bit too much. The description of Jay gives me some hope, but this picture does not support what they are saying about him. He doesn’t look like he’s battling someone, he looks like he’s in a rage and decided to terrorize some rats. On top of that this costume is horrendous! I might take a look at the first issue or so just to see how they’ll treat him, but I don’t think I’ll be adding Earth-2 to my pull list.

  7. Garvin69

    This is disgusting! I realize that there are not many fans around that grew up reading about Jay, but even the more recent stuff has shown him the respect this character deserves. I understand that characters need to be re-imagined periodically to keep them viable to new readers, but this… is wrong. I have always been a huge fan of the golden age characters and seeing them updated in the DCU would be awesome, if done decently. I also realize that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but there is nothing from what I’ve seen so far that appeals to me. That being said I will try the first issue, but will not put this on my pull list until it impresses me.
    PS: Shazam is not Captain Marvel.

  8. Jesse

    Hahahahahahaha. This just makes me laugh. It’s so absurd that I’m not even upset, because this clearly has nothing to do with Jay Garrick.

    As I decrease my DC consumption, I’m minding it less and less. I just realize that the story I enjoyed (for 20 years) with the characters I enjoyed is over, and this is something else. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  9. Nick

    The knee-jerk reaction is to hate it (mostly the helmet…the bodysuit looks okay and not *that* far from pre-52 Jay).

    However, the picture has him at an awkward angle while being attacked by rats. Not the greatest image to get a firm idea of what the character will be like and the costume. I’m going to reserve judgement until a “cleaner” image is released.

    1. Aedien

      You’re right, my first reaction was to hate it (partially due to the way DC has been treating the Flashes), but you’re kind of being the voice of reason here. I was planning on giving the first issue a chance so I’ll try to keep an open mind….key word is ‘try.’

    2. Wayne Lippa

      I’m with Nick. Yeah, the costume doesn’t look great in this image, but it’s only one image from a weird angle. I’ve been looking forward to the Earth-2 series, so I’m going to wait until I see the costume in an issue before I decide if I like it or not.

    3. Kelson Post author

      I think the main costume could work, if it’s simplified. As it is, it’s too busy, but I have no problem with streamlining the old shirt-and-jeans look into a spandex bodysuit.

      But that helmet just looks awful to me, both in general and for Jay Garrick. The Mercury helmet is what makes his look work.

      1. papa zero

        I’m not partial to the new costume but given the perspective in the image I’m not entirely certain it’s a full “Ant-Man” head helmet. Maybe there are other images out there that show otherwise but to me it looks like the rim on the left side comes to an end somewhat similar (if not in shape curviture) to the Mercury helmet… The connected goggles and chinstrap do look strange regardless.

  10. married guy

    I don’t mind the costume redesign, but I have to agree with everyone else that the helmet looks awful.

    I wonder what they have done to Alan Scott’s costume.

    And here I thought the ‘grim & gritty’ age of comics had run it’s course.

    Where’s the fun??

    1. Kyer

      Remember those commercials from decades ago where the customers had to bring along a magnifying glass because “Where’s The Beef?” I think the fun went to the same place.

      On Shazam…I know Shazam is not Captain Marvel and You know that Shazam is not Captain Marvel….but apparently *DC* hasn’t gotten the memo. We can only pray that they do notice the percentage of people who outright hate the Jay costume and in the second issue it’s revealed to have been borrowed at which time we get to see the real deal. Of course that is only if they are smart and know when to retreat and lick wounds.

    1. ErikM

      Dropping the ball on the Flash? Barry/Wally concerns aside, the Flash monthly series has not been this good since Mark Waid’s first run. Both Waid and Messner-Loebs may have been stronger from a pure writing sensibility, but the ongoing comic has not looked this nice since ever. And I say that as a guy who loves Infantino and owns original Ringo art. Aside from Promethea, I’d be hard-pressed to name a monthly publication with visuals this consistently well-planned and well-executed.

  11. Kelson Post author

    I’m seeing a lot of comparisons to Ant-Man.

    If you redesign a Golden Age A-lister and come up with someone who gets mistaken for Ant-Man, something’s wrong.

    1. Devin

      Amen, brother. This look is pretty dreadful and I’m doing my best to imagine it straight up but it STILL looks horrendous. So funny. I finally resolve to purchase the hardcover of The Flash and then DC pulls this one out of the hat. Someone needs to gauge their limitations better when it comes to designing costumes.

  12. lightspeed

    What did they do to Jay’s helmet?
    The overall look is fine. Not that bad compared to the other redesigns I’ve seen these last few months. Missing the other speedsters right now.

  13. Ben France

    I for one am going to read Earth 2 no matter what. I think it’s a wee bit silly to judge a whole enterprise based on one picture. How do we even know that this uniform will last the entire run?

  14. Kyer

    We don’t know if the uniform will last the whole run. I certainly hope it doesn’t. However, I don’t need to see doggie-do to know I don’t want to touch it. It took one picture of Flashpoint: Outsiders to know I would loathe it too.

    I don’t want to see any more of that costume. I gots eyes and theability to rotate it in my imagination. No matter the angle it comes up as fugly in my mind’s eye.

    Actually, I suppose we could hope there was a misprint and that’s really a picture of The Rival.

  15. Lee H

    I wasn’t thrilled with Barry Allen’s new costume when I first saw the Jim Lee images, but quickly warmed to it when Francis Manapul started drawing it.

    I’m waiting to see how Nicola Scott draws it before I pass judgement. Maybe she’ll make the helmet/goggles/straps look less busy and the lightning bolt less wonky and scewed to the side.

    At the very least, strapping his helmet to his head is a great idea. It never made sense for it to be loose.

  16. Savitar

    Garbarge, rubbish, that’s what this is.

    There is nothing in this new re-design that says ‘Jay’. If it wasn’t mentioned in the solicits, I’d have no clue this was Jay. The Mercury helmet is classic, iconic, it screams Jay Garrick. Keep the helmet, change it up if you want, but this looks bad.

    And Kyer, I share your concerns about Captain Marvel. His costume is equally, if not more, iconic as Jay’s. Seeing the first shots of the re-design, I’m getting worried. Changing the cape into a hood and cloak? What is he, a DC Jedi Knight now??

    I’ll read the back-up but I’m keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that Johns won’t muck this up like he did the Flash Family. Mess with the Marvel Family and that’s when I start having serious concerns with DC.

    1. Kyer

      I’ve been told it’s just a single picture, a cover; the actual artwork won’t be so ‘dark’ looking.

      If that’s the case then why do the cover ‘dark’ if you are actually trying to draw in ‘light’ minded audiences (like the old Captain Marvel did?) The cover art is in fact the *advertising*.

      1. Savitar

        I’ve read various comments that this is supposed to be a ‘darker’ version of the character, the costume change being an outward sign of this.

        The last time DC tried to go dark with Cap was Roy Thomas’ mini-series back in the mid 80s. Didn’t exactly go over too well with the fans.

        Cap represents a unique sense of hope, excitement, and amazement. Why does DC constantly want to mess with that??

  17. Owen

    I agree with all those who are suggesting that we should wait and see the first issue – and Nicola Scott’s art – before making decisions about what Earth 2 is going to be like as a series.

    Having said that, I think we can fairly ask what the point of establishing Earth 2 is. In the “old version” it was a different, possibly nostalgic, world which coould serve as a contrast to the increasingly muddy/gritty main world. Whether this was successful financially or not it made narrative sense. We were looking at a world of super-powered heroes and villains through a different lens, using different filters.

    The problem I have with this image, as it stands, is it looks like someone from some series set in the New 52 that I haven’t bothered reading. He looks as though he might be from a different country, but not from a different world.

    Unless Earth 2 is a different world in the sense that it looks and feels different to the extent that the stories set their necessarily play out differently from the way they would on the new main earth, then it will be pointless. It will be a different world only in the sense that Central City is a different world from Metropolis; that is, a different location with a different ensemble of background characters, but with the same overall ambience.

    I say this as someone who can remember Roy Thomas’ original run on Justice Society which, like it or not, did maintain this sense of difference.

  18. Eyz

    NOOoooo!! What did they do to you, Jay??
    Originally, one of my all time favorite simplest Golden Age mystery men designs…and now…this Wildstorm reject????

    When’s the DCU reverting back to normal, again? in September, right? Right? I mean, they called this “arc” the New 52…it means its gonna only last a year like the previous 52…right?…. *cries in a corner*

    1. Kyer

      *pats back and offers a tissue* There, there. This too shall pass. (Hopefully.)

      Let’s hope they don’t bring back Johnny or Jessie Quick. Never cared for their costumes so any “improvements” there would probably make me blind. -_-;;

  19. Kyle

    I’m with alot of you. The redesign…..could work, but not on Jay. Sorry, Jay….is classic. The helmet, as many have said, made him. This new one….fine for a new speedster. Not a well established one as Jay. However, i will still collect Earth 2, if only to see how different it is….if it is.

  20. Kyer

    Oh god…it’s worse.
    I’m using a 40″ television and have blown up the image very large on it.

    That shadow on his arm holding the rat has red ridges in it. I fear the dark color is part of the costume. The shark ribbing may in fact go under the armpit and into the top of the arm underneath. And that *is* piping and not just a blood stream across his chest. Argh. Whaddya want to bet that chin strap is hiding a high collar? X(

  21. eliot jones

    disappointment and disrespect, are just few things that i would call this so remake. a dark death riding earth 2 is what we will be geting which is a shame.

  22. YraniGami

    DC is suicidal! Somebody stop them before they kill themselves and take all our favorite characters with them!!

    1. Kyer

      I don’t think DC is suicidal.

      Um….but isn’t *weed* now legal in some states?

      Jay looks like he’s *tripping* in more ways than one?

      1. Kyer

        Right. For me it’s official: DC is not suicidal…they are homicidal; a state of affairs that began in the old universe’s latter years and for some Godforsaken reason has been brought into the Relaunch: Bright, Shiny and Ne…er….make that Dark & Grim 52.

        I won’t give spoilers here, but a Justice League International sports a couple of character deaths and possible permanent maiming. Minor characters, sure, but one in particular I really liked from the old series.

        This is yet another book I won’t be keeping a further eye on despite my liking of Booster and Guy or the artwork.

  23. GeorgeC

    DC jumped the shark years ago when they hired Dan Didio. Awful, awful head editor.

    The situation got worse when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns were elevated, too. Between the three of them, they don’t have a clue on how to advance DC. Their solution always seems to be kill and destroy…

    For me, the beginning of the end was in the mid-1990s when the original JSA came to an end with the death/forced retirement of half those characters during Zero Hour. The murder of Ted Kord and the Crisis that followed have just whittled away at the sense of wonder and light in the DCU.

    I’ll satisfy myself with reprints of when the comics were fun and not dark and miserable like they are now and have been for years before…

    PS — Jim Lee and his crew are awful character designers. The redesigns have all been awful and most importantly unnecessary! I’m officially done with DC for the duration of this trio’s disastrous reign. A pox on their house!

    Seriously, their work sucks…

  24. Aaron Poehler

    Anyone who skipped this book because your nose got out of joint about something as stupid as a costume change really missed out. Best thing Robinson’s written since Starman.

  25. Donny

    These New 52 superheroes are a bunch of CINO’s.
    as in (Characters In Name Only). They shoulda kept Jay’s classic helmet. It looks like Ant-Man – The London Olympic Cyclist variant.

    1. Stephen

      Jay’s helmet, as classic as it was, was impractical. With the speeds he ran, it would fly off his head and then damage something because of the momentum.

      1. Devin

        Practical, Smactical. Joe Garrick must be spinning in his grave! The helmet was classy, iconic and had an awesome back story. We’ve not only seen Jay pull off some great offensive and defensive moves with it, but just like the classy gentleman that he is, he tips his hat to everyone he saves. Just how in the hell is he going to tip that thing? The helmet was a testament to a simpler time, with bright shining, inspiring heroes, that were just old-fashioned enough to be cool. Heck, the helmet is almost a character unto itself.

        Really though, how hard is it to add a classic chinstrap to his helmet like the World War I doughboy helmet it is based on? In that kind of style the chin strap can be very effective practically and stylistically as shown in the JSA Liberty Files Jay Garrick design:

        Plus whoever said comic books had to be practical?

        1. Stephen

          Well, from what I can guess from the cover, Jay’s going to have a secret identity rather than a public one. So the old helmet really wouldn’t cut it.

          1. Stephen

            But he just got his powers, remember? I don’t think it would be very realistic if he suddenly knew how they worked just like that. He’s probably going to need experiment with them. And with that, wearing a helmet is safer at keeping his identity a secret.

      2. Kelson Post author

        Realistically, at the speeds Jay runs, he’d reach escape velocity and fly off the surface of the earth into orbit. Or it would take him 1,000 miles just to make a left turn.

        Realistically, Clark Kent’s glasses wouldn’t fool anyone for very long. But we go with it because it’s part of the charm of the character.

        Realism doesn’t need to stand in the way of a good, classy design.

        And if it really bothers you that much, consider that he seems to be getting his powers from magic in this universe. Whatever force keeps Mercury’s helmet on his head could keep it on the Flash’s.

  26. Jack

    I don’t understand why you all hate it so much I don’t love it but other than the goggles I like it.


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