Flash #8 Variant Cover by Bernard Chang

DC has revealed Bernard Chang’s variant cover for next month’s The Flash #8. The artist talks about the process, starting with deciding what approach to take.

Before starting on the drawing, I need to decide whether I want to take a more story-centric or graphic design approach to the cover. I’m equally a fan of both directions, but in this case, opted for the “scene out of the story.” I then pulled up some images of athletes running and sprinting, trying to generate some inspiration and understanding details to capturing figures in motion.

The original solicitation indicated that Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws, Velocity) would provide the variant cover. For whatever reason, it seems to have been changed long enough ago that DC asked Chang to cover this specific issue.


6 thoughts on “Flash #8 Variant Cover by Bernard Chang

  1. married guy

    I like it. Bit of a different take on Barry’s costume with the seams looking more ‘Tron’ than usual, but it works!

  2. Eyz

    Who’s the villain, the “New 52” Top??

    Anyways, I just look how these covers look without the guly mess of a design DC’s been putting over them lately. (the whole new DC logo, “New 52” tagline and “We are heroes” blue thing above…)

    1. married guy

      The new villian is Turbine. Someone else who uses the Speed Force, although we don’t know if he’s a speedster.

    1. Kyer

      Ditto…however if you’ve seen how Barry is drawn in the Batman books this looks fantastic by comparison.

      1. The Baconator

        Even some moments in Captian Atom #3 made The Flash’s seams look a little weird. At least Francis seems to have it down….thank goodness. Now we just have to work on that chinstrap


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