Flash #8 Solicitation and Cover

Variant cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT
1:200 B&W Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
On sale APRIL 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

The Flash gets pulled into the Speed Force that gives him his super-speed powers…and he learns he’s not alone in there! Introducing Turbine, a prisoner of the Speed Force who just wants out – even if it means trading places with The Flash!

DC’s April Justice League solicitations are up at The Source. Full solicitations including upcoming collections will be forthcoming.


27 thoughts on “Flash #8 Solicitation and Cover

  1. Wally East

    Very good cover. I love the sense of panic on Barry’s face along with the red splatters that seem to be pieces of his suit coming off.

  2. Ben France

    Agreed – I think this is an awesome cover. Francis just gets better and better! Can’t wait to read this either.

  3. Kyer

    Benevolent? *blinks* Man, Steve, I don’t want to know what your version of ‘malevolent’ would be.

    At first hurried glance I thought it was Brainiac, heh. Then that the swirly stuff was sand and that this was an evil Sandman. (Maybe some villain named WebSurf?)

    Oh well, the art looks fantastic as always.

    Also, Barry better be wearing something under that suit other than his skivvies or this is going to be like that time Wally had his suit turned into chalk.

    1. Imitorar

      In the Silver Age, Barry’s costume fit perfectly over his clothes. I suppose it was so as not to raise the question of where he left them and how he could reappear as Barry Allen in his normal clothes. Though you’d think it wouldn’t be a problem, given that he’s fast enough to go home, leave his clothes there, and go back for them without taking much time.

      That said, that probably isn’t in continuity anymore. And not just because of Flashpoint.

      1. Kyer

        Wally’s speed force costume formed right over his clothing too.

        I remember thinking each time I saw stuff like that then and now that there should be these horrendous lumps under their speed suits such as would make a woman’s feared ‘panty lines’ seem mild by comparison. If you ever tried to use one of those so-called space age air-sealed storage bags, you’ll know just what I mean. (Although, this *would* explain Wally’s chunky look during part of his era…he did have a love for chunky pullover sweaters.) 😛

    2. Steve

      Being that he’s a Tuskagee airman, I don’t really see him doing anything that villainous. There may be some conflict with him and the Flash, but I have a feeling they’ll part as friends.

      1. Kyer

        Yeah…a sort of nod to Time Flies. Only the guy doesn’t die in this one?

        *sigh* still pissed that Wally has been knocked aside again despite love and logic. Also that I actually had to think *hard* to recall the name of the Cosmic Treadmill just now for a forum post. I don’t suppose there’s any hope that the CT will be revived in this new series. I mean, I loved that thing so naturally DC Ed must have a mandate that called for it’s permanent dismantlement on everyone’s desk.

        Also, have given up hope for a decent comic book book end set! Long boxes are just plain fugly. 😛

        Twice Also: Kyer is bored. She hates how dial up has become useless with so many graphics sites and that the fan fic sites are down at the moment. Hates it, my precious!

  4. Penny Dreadful

    Wow, and this is the first issue after the Nu Captain Cold. What happened to the Rogues arc? I was sooooo looking forward to the metahuman NuRogues!

  5. married guy

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, I hope that this discovery of other speedsters trapped in the Speed Force could lead to a return of Wally and Max.

    I also have to agree with Steve, It DOES sound alot like Savitar doesn’t it?
    It’s a shame Johns killed him off. He was a great villian for Wally, and I would have love to read how he played off against Barry.

    1. Kyer

      I’d be speculating on that ‘proposal left on Didio’s desk’ right now, only such a huge thing would surely have leaked out and we’d have a comic site explosion of “Wally” and/or “Max!” talk going on right now.

      *sigh* (Well, hope does seem to spring eternal after all.)

  6. Eyz

    Alright! I guess this sounds pretty interesting!

    The cover, like everyone said, looks gorgeous! Love the sense of speed, movement..it’s all these little details that make it come to life-sort to speak of.

    Looking forward to these sort of new villains, you know, connected to the speedforce and all.

  7. Scott

    Great cover, hope to see a certain level of insanity on the part of Turbine due to being stuck in the Speed Force for decades.

  8. Kyer

    Manupal’s request to use Wally was denied. I read this from Bagged & Boarded over at ComicBloc.


    Now, part of me is glad because what with all of the mess DC ED has made for any chance of Wally in the main Flash book, I also just read in Scans-Daily that Power Girl and Huntress will be different from the gals we used to know (as per Levitz.)

    So either they downright don’t want Wally back at all or if they do bring him back it will be an unrecognizable Wally.

    There is no joy in Mudville, Mighty DC keeps striking out [with me].

      1. Kyer

        Do you realize that they don’t even have a pair of Flash bookends? Seriously looking for bookends and the only one I’ve found with Wally (or any Flash) is a JLA one from 1999….for $500.

        Even the GL movie Lantern one looks kind of crappy.

        Is this just another push for digital comics…pushing people away from hardbounds and paperbacks through the elimination of nice looking bookends?

        The world, my friend, is heading towards the Nu Dark Ages. 🙁 😛

  9. Kamau

    If Turbine’s a Tuskegee Airman, then its safe to assume that he’s been in the Speedforce since the ’40s. Does that mean that the Speedforce exists independent of Barry Allen, since someone was pulled into it prior to his becoming the Flash? If so, then that would be a revision of Johns’ rendition of Barry’s relationship to the Speedforce.

    1. Lee H

      In Flash Rebirth it was established that whilst the Speed Force was created when Barry gained his powers, it stretched to encompass all time and space and every universe in the DC multiverse.

  10. Kyer

    Plugged In (a movie review site) has an interesting article about the Tuskegee Airmen movie Red Tails just put out by Lucas.

    Kind of discouraging how much trouble Mr. Lucas went through trying to market it to the big wigs.

    Now I’m more interested in this Flash book than I was before.

  11. Savitar

    Actually if you read the little origin blurb on the Flash title page, it no longer says that ‘with each step, Barry generates a speed force’. It merely says that Barry has ties to it.

    Maybe it’s gone back to being just an energy source for speedsters and not an afterthought of Barry’s powers.

  12. Thunderbolt_005

    Until Wally’s Return I will only be picking up the trades from here on out. The FJM and BB run has been fun, but the reinvented Rogues seem contrived and forced. Sorry, but I am done with single issues for a while it looks like.


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