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  1. Kyer


    The Flash is *always* a little less douche.

    Dapper Dan, when was Iris West a Flash?

    Ah, the controversial Kid Flash box that has some people fearing that Wally and Artemis will be the ones to die this season (because they are not pictured.) 9.9 *sigh*

    Yet another Flash/Superman race?

    Wow. Lois Lane really was a top investigative reporter based on this: “f you add my deaths, Selina’s Earth-2 death, the Amazons, and the need to get rid of all the DC Universe married couples, including Barry Allen and Wally West (who aren’t even dating)…” Holy Cow! I wasn’t even aware Barry and Wally were married! ;P

    Yes, I can see where $4 for a 19-page comic (full of story-interrupting commercial pages too) would kill a hobby all by itself. I wait for trades (preferably hardbounds) because its both cheaper, last longer, and I can get plenty of info before I purchase as to whether the entire story will appeal to me or not. For instance, I purchased Avengers for Pym, but will likely return unread Avengers Academy vol 2 simply because from what I’m reading now that is going somewhere I don’t want to go. In the meantime, there’s a new book coming out by Morrison that I really want to read that is from neither Marvel or DC: Dinosaurs VS Aliens. At a discounted price I can get that hb for less money than $4 per every 19 pages….and there won’t be a cliffhanger or tie-ins telling me I must buy the next set to finish the story (a mistake I made with Brightest Day.)

    On the last question…no. On time was never a real problem for me. Getting to read what I want to read about….THAT has always been and still is problem.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I suspect Dapper Dan was referring to Iris West II from Kingdom Come, The Kingdom and Chain Lightning, or possibly the artificially-grown-up Iris West II from Fast Money.

  2. Eyz

    So, lemme try to recap:
    – I’m still missing Wally
    – Getting rid of marriages and most women, DC is looking like Joe Quesada quite a lot
    – Image did what Millar & co might miss
    – Making Billy Batson gritty is the worst New 52 move so far…

    I guess that covers it all?

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