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9 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy…calling Dick Tracy…come in, Dick Tracy. (I loved that comic. Who didn’t want the wrist watch?)

    I did get that hoodie when it first came out. Love it. Afraid to wear it too much and have it wear out. Much nicer than the other styles.

    Dan Didio can’t say a certain name. This is actually believable even though I know it’s just poking fun.

    Jay doesn’t have a birthday. He’s older than dirt. 😀

  2. Kyer

    Well what do you know? Dan *can* say Wally West’s name.

    See Bleeding Cool Forum dated today “Talking to Dan Didio About Wally West.

    Dan gives his explanation/excuse for why Wally is not in the DCnU. As one of the commentators also noted, his excuse perfectly matches for Barry Allen as it does for Wally West. Whoopsie? (I’m going with….fed a line in order to shut fans up about it. That makes more sense. Besides, if they were worried about respecting beloved characters and their fans they wouldn’t have done what they did to Billy. I’m holding back judging the new Jay and the Not-The-JSA book as far as ‘respect’ until it’s actually out since I’ve only seen the one [horrible] pic. It’s remotely possible that getup was Jay’s Halloween Party outfit and not his Flash uniform. Assuming Jay is still to be called Flash.)

  3. Eyz

    I always liked the Prank. I remember wishing to see her appear in the Flash comics throughout the 90s… aaah..if only..
    *big Flash TV series fan here!*

  4. Kyer

    I checked out Ken O’s Flash Friday’s on his blog and see he still hasn’t let us know how the new Flash wallet worked out.

    (A year later and my own embossed/embroidered version is still doing wonders protecting my cash from thieving Rogues, btw.

    Not so good against retailers and grocery store check-out stands, but Captain Cold has been thwarted.)

  5. Kyer

    Does anyone know why the “Twin Cities” are now being referred to as the “Gem Cities”? Both per in story and DC ED?

      1. kyer@aznetgate.net

        Pistachios. 🙁

        I really wanted to one day read that story. Maybe they’ll print out one day.

        Also, glad to see something happen here and the site wasn’t plain down for some reason non-human. I’d already cleaned my cache twice thinking that was the problem.


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