Question on Flash Omnibus Binding

Who here has bought the Flash Omnibus by Geoff Johns collections? Reader Nick wrote in to ask about the size and quality of the binding on the first two volumes.

If you have photos, that would be even better. You can post a link to an image host in the comments, or send them to me by email (speedforce at pobox dot com) and I’ll add them to the main post.

Update: Josh has sent in these photos, adding, “Flash omnibus volume 2 is a much larger than volume 1. Two hundred pages larger, in fact.”

Thanks, Josh!


10 thoughts on “Question on Flash Omnibus Binding

  1. Ben France

    I’ve got vols. 1 & 2, and there’s a marked decline in quality from the first to the second, probably due to the increased number of pages. I showed them to a friend who’s a book artist and he said it is because the spines are glued rather than stitched, so one has to really have-at the pages to flatten them out. It’s a real pain in the arse for some of the spash pages, really feel that DC has cut too much of a corner on this one.

  2. Charles Solomon

    DC and Marvel have gone to glue binding which sucks! I have a friend who knows a book binder and gets me a discount. So I get them rebound properly when I can afford it.

    1. Kyer

      Marvel is gluing?! When did this start? 0.0! I’ve been purchasing the West Coast Avenger books and they are all woven…so far.

  3. Kyer

    Oy. I purchased both and have yet to open up either one seeing as I kind of figured the binding would be awful. So why did I get them? Because my original trades will get yellowed at least a decade before these will and I love Crossfire and Blitz. However, it won’t be worth it to purchase #3 just to get Ignition.

    Even if they felt they had to go with glue rather than woven for the binding, why in the name of sam hill didn’t they at least leave empty space at the spine so part of the art wasn’t lost?

    1. Kyer

      It is bad. I saw a YouTube video where one guy showed the difference between a Marvel Omnibus and the Flash book…the DC one refused to lay flat, the Marvel one did so right away no matter where he opened it….and you weren’t missing any of the artwork edges either.
      I wonder *can* a glued book be redone by a professional without making it worse or would it be better to take an x-acto knife and just view loose pages? Ugh.
      Glad I got this for half price because its hardly worth that.

    1. Savitar

      Marvel may be gluing the Essential books. I have a couple of copies of different titles where the whole entire book can separate from the entire cover. Frustrating….

    1. Kyer

      I purchased the second Omnibus with a B&B new customer discount for about $35. The Avengers Dark Siege put me back about the same while the smaller hardbacks are about half that. The first Flash Omnibus cost me close to $50.

      Check Barnes & Noble, Amazon, various comic book stores. Or do a search for the name of the book and compare prices that way. Also note that while one store might be way cheaper on a hardbound, they could be way higher on another one. Compare, compare, compare for each buy. Check for promotional coupons too.


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