Planned Downtime on Thursday Wednesday

Heads up!

You’ve probably noticed a few site outages here at Speed Force over the last few months. Well, here’s warning for another one. My webhost will be upgrading the network this Thursday evening after 10:00 pm PDT.

DreamHost is allowing four hours for the planned maintenance, but they expect actual downtime to be “minimal.”

With luck, the improvements will prevent the sort of unplanned downtime that’s been a problem lately.

In the event of an extended outage (this week or any other time), you can usually find me on Twitter at @SpeedForceOrg, and you can catch up on recent posts on the SpeedForce Tumblr. If you don’t see anything about it in one of those places, please let me know – it’s possible I’ve missed an alert and don’t know yet.

UPDATE It looks like either I misread the announcement or Dreamhost swapped the LAX & Irvine plans (judging by the URL on the now-404ed original post, I’m guessing the former). In any case, the site was down for about half an hour Wednesday evening during the maintenance window. The funny thing is that I spent three hours tonight working on a network migration for my job. Now there’s timing!


4 thoughts on “Planned Downtime on Thursday Wednesday

  1. Kyer

    If it’s anything like my workplace installs…expected the allotted time for the install..and another day to fix the resultant ‘bugs’ created by said install. 🙁

    1. Kelson Post author

      Funny thing: My first thought for an illustration was going to be Kilg%re performing surgery on Wally West, but then I decided I didn’t want to wait until I could dig out the issue and scan the panel. And it was probably a bit more graphic than necessary.

      Then I thought I’d use the “So that’s what happened to the Flash!” cover from the late Silver Age, but decided the skeleton didn’t really fit the metaphor, and I’d rather stick with something computer-related anyway. Once I settled on this cover from Flash v.2 #186, I went looking for a copy without the logo…and discovered that Flash v.1 #186 was the other cover I’d been considering!


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