Speed Reading: Flashy Links & Art

Some weekend linkblogging.

First the Flashy stuff…

  • Mark Waid reveals the Secret First Appearance of the Flash at Blastoff Comics
  • Moment of the Day – Flash vs. Black Racer at The Weekly Crisis
  • Flash drive pun fail at Failbook
  • 5 inch Flash at That F’ing Monkey
  • Adobe has announced that they’re shutting down mobile Flash for Android 4.1. Some of the articles in the tech press have taken a punny approach, like VentureBeat and Techcitement. I actually would have gone with the second issue of “Emergency Stop,” but I think Techcitement’s choice of “You’ll never run again” is better, because of the double meaning of “run” when it comes to software.

Some art…


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Flashy Links & Art

  1. Kyer

    Little League is making me want to try out some of those old Superman/Batman trades.
    Needs more Barry, though.
    And Wonder Woman’s fist threats.
    If he adds in Aquaman and has him bring in a goldfish for Show & Tell…and holds a conversation with it….I’ll declare this webcomic absolute platinum.
    (Good Gosh I love this series.) 😀

    1. Kyer

      Why isn’t there a regular LInk link for this yet? :’@
      Did the creator not give his okay?
      Bribe the man somehow.
      Offer him a box of Flash Cakes!
      Offer -not- to offer him a box of Flash Cakes!



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