This Week: Flash Archives Vol.6, Digital Flash(back) #46-47

Flash Archives Volume 6

This week sees the release of the long-awaited (well, by me anyway) Flash Archives vol.6, featuring Silver Age Flash tales from the mid-1960s.

It’s a Rogues Gallery parade in these tales from THE FLASH #142-150, as the Scarlet Speedster battles The Trickster, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Mr. Element, The Reverse Flash, Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold! Plus, a tale guest-starring Green Lantern!

Stories and art by John Broome, Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella, Frank Giacola. Introduction by Paul Kupperberg. 240 pages – $59.99

If the price seems a bit steep, Amazon has it on 31% discount.

If you prefer your Silver Age reprints in cheap paperpack form, hang on until next week for The Flash Chronicles Vol. 3. The Chronicles are shorter as well as being behind the Archives, so vol.3 only brings us up to Flash #118.

Flash #46: Flash vs. Vixen by Grodd's Command!Also out: digital back-issues of the post-Crisis Flash #46-47. Comixology has been releasing three issues a week for several months now, which makes me wonder whether…

  • it’s a typo (Update: the comics are up now and it’s only #46 & #47)
  • they’re slowing down
  • they plan to release Flash #48-50 all in one week.

Flash #46-47 feature parts 2 and 3 of the three-part story in which Gorilla Grodd leads the animals of Keystone City in a revolt against the humans. Vixen guest-stars, teaming up with the Flash to stop the rebellion.

Flash (1987-2009) on ComiXology


6 thoughts on “This Week: Flash Archives Vol.6, Digital Flash(back) #46-47

  1. Wayne Lippa

    It looks to me like it’s not a typo and that Comixology will release #s 48-50 in one bunch next week. I’m looking forward to downloading those. That was a great 3-parter.

    I’m also looking forward to the new Archives. I was bummed when it was postponed from last week.

  2. Golddragon71

    I’m actually enjoying the wait (Even though I already own the entire run) I like the suspense of waiting for the next issue I haven’t felt this way since……..since after Chain Lightning!!! (My God! has it really been that long?!?)

  3. Kyer

    Man this is tempting. I’ve seen the scans of #50 where Wally is “in heaven”. Made me laugh…funny as heck and the artwork (considering the coloring tech of the time) was superb so I’d love to see the whole shebang. Also one of my favorite versions of the Flash suit.

  4. Javi

    I definitely plan on getting #48-50. #48 was the first Wally West issue I ever bought, mainly because the show got me reinterested in the character, and I thought he was such a jerk! Little did I know, he would mature into my favorite character in comics!

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